Top web hosting companies in Nigeria

A friend of mine asked me yesterday to help him find out the top webhosting companies in Nigeria and been a nice guy, i decided to help him with the search. While i was busy combing through the web, i was linked to which is a great place to see the statistics of the webhosting countries in Nigeria.

You can even check the statistics of webhosting companies of other countires for research purpose. With the statistics at the site, i think one should be able to know which one that will suite one's desires. You can just check out each website in the rankings and find out more about each company. With the ranking, and other findings, I now have my favourites.

What do you have to say with concerning this ranking?


gminds said…
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Sir, that's not accurate at all as it is sorted by the numbers of subscribers and not potentials. Any organisation that got the cash can start up a web hosting service and promote it as much as they can but might not be as good as those who do not have the funds to promote. A better list should be sorted according to how good the web hosting companies are.

Jide Ogunsanya said…
What are you talking about? A company with no potential can have many subscribers? Pls, tell us the yardstick you will use to determine how good the companies are.
Choosing a Nigerian web host enables you to pay in Naira. You also get other offers that are not available to international clients