What do you want to see on blogs managed by Nigerians?

Its been a while now that have been subscribing to different categories of blogs online and all have read has encouraged me to put up this blog for a start to see what i too can contribute to the blogging world especially targeting information that will be so much useful to fellow Nigerians.  

I thought i would try this for today's post and ask what you -- the readers of this blog -- would like to see here and on blogs managed by Nigerians in general.

I would love to hear suggestions for topics you'd like me to cover. Or do you have any questions, that I may be able to address here? 

Please leave topic suggestions, questions, or comments via the comment link underneath this post. Moreover, don't forget to subscribe to this blog so you can get new posts delivered to you when you far away from this blog. 

Thanks for stopping by.