How to put Adsense link unit in your blog header

This trick is for Blogger users and will definitely work for you if you are using a Layout template. Before you intend using this trick, i hope you have already registered with Google Adsense and also advisable that you BACK UP your template before editing html of your template. To put an Adsense Link Unit Ad. in the header, simply follow the steps below.......... Log in to your Dashboard. Click on your 'Layout' link under the blog name you want to add the Adsense link unit Ad to. This takes you to Page Elements under the Template tab. Click on Edit Html. ( DON'T put a check in the Expand Widget Templates box) Scroll down in Edit Template field till you come to : div id='header-wrapper b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='4' showaddelement='yes' Change the second line (in your code ) to be SIMILAR as the RED LINE above with the MAXWIDGETS set to any number above 1 and SHOWADDELEMENT changed to YES as in the red line above. THOSE ARE THE ONLY THINGS YOU SHOULD CHANGE IN YOUR CODE AND DON'T DELETE THE ENCLOSING BRACKETS IN YOUR CODE. Save Template. Click on Page Elements subtab. Now you will see in the Header Section an 'Add Page Element' link. Click on the link and in the popup window choose ADSENSE. A pop up window will pop up Choose the 728x 15 Horizontal Row OR 468x 15 Horizontal Row You can change the look of the Ad. with the options in the pop up box Save. You will notice the Ad. above the Title unit. Click and drag this to below the Title unit. Save. View blog.


  1. JesusFreak11/17/2008

    Thanks..chairman...I will miss u online

  2. thank`s bro, i`ll try.

  3. Anonymous5/08/2011

    Nice but I realy dnt understand this, pls explain well.

  4. which part of the tutorial you didnt understand? try and be specific please

  5. please i telephone numbers of users in Ondo and Ekiti for bulk sms, please how can i get the numbers?
    please i need a quick reply.

  6. I dont know where you can get them bro..

  7. I just want to start this google adsense, fresh from start. I need you to give me advice. Pls I'm waitn

  8. Firstly, you need a good blog


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