How To Send Free Web To Phone Emails Direct To Receiver's Sms Inbox

While trying to surf the internet for cool stuffs, i figured out that you can send free text messages to your friends in USA from your email account and its FREE. All you need to know is the receiver's service provider/ carrier. STEPS Sign in to your email account and click on "compose a new message" button. If your receiver's phone number is (413) 123 4867 and their cell phone service provider is AT&T wireless, you will type in the TO field, The message will be delivered within a twinkle of an eye. All cell phone service providers have their own particular codes, you just have to figure out the code of the receiver's service provider. If you dont know the service provider of the receiver, i bet it wont cost you anything to ask and once you have the name, you just figure out the code and the receiver will be glad to get a message from you. Always try to make sure that your message doesnt exceeds 160 characters so that part of it wont be cut off when the receiver receives the message on his/her phone. Listed below are some useful codes...if you interested in other codes, you can google it or beep me and i will be ready to look it up for you. Virgin Mobile: Sprint: Verizon: Nextel: AT&T: T-Mobile: Cingular: Cricket; Feel free to comment about this post and also feel free to share other provider's addresses i might have not listed above. Enjoy