At, you will be offered an easy to use and reliable low cost internet based sms messaging services by which you can send personalised sms to thousands of recipients at a click of a button.
The special feature of customized sender's name with up to 11 alpha-numeric characters ensure uniqueness with every message sent. Bulk sms services is been offered at a rate much more economical than phone to phone sms.

With the scheduled sms services, you can reach your large audiences, groups or individuals almost instantly or at a scheduled time via your internet connected computer regardless of their location. You can even set your SMS to be delivered at a scheduled time.

If you are a new customer, to get started, check out the prices and different modes of payment are available at the website. At Ogbongesms, You can also buy sms with LIBERTY RESERVE but you will have to ask the web admin for more info before making payment via Liberty Reserve.

Here are some of the features of the Web sms: 
1 sms credit=1 sms message(160 characters).  
No monthly subscription fees.
Sms credits do not expire.  
No ads.

The web sms could be deployed for

***Product launch
***Political campaign/ Awareness
***Sales promotion,sms marketing
***Invitation to events
***Notification of meeting and appointments
***Birthday / Season's greetings

The coverage spans across networks in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Read how to make money sending bulks sms for churches, private schools, politicians, businesses, organizations, clubs etc


  1. Anonymous3/26/2010

    Ogboon you are a great man that don't keep things to himself keep doing what you know how to do best you will be surely be celebrated in our country nigeria that i known will happen very soon by God grace

  2. Anonymous6/08/2012

    Weldone and God Bless U.


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