This short post is for Nigerians who already know
how to access the internet on their PC or laptop using their GPRS-enabled mobile phone.

- Connect your phone to your PC either with data cable or bluetooth adapter. - Set up your internet connection (you can easily do this using PC suites) - While setting up your internet connection, use the usual MTN settings i.e APN = USERNAME = web PASSWORD = web - Using YF as the bypassing client, configure it with the following settings: Freedom server = (choose HTTPS as the connection mode) Proxy address= Port= 8080 - Configure your browsers to use the YF settings - Dial up your connection and enjoy. NOTE This cheat might stop working anytime, don't worry because new cheats will always evolve.

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Have any question or suggestion, feel free to use the form below. Enjoy! ***UPDATE Henceforth, I will only be sending latest working free browsing tips to people that subscribe to my blog here . I will be sending the latest codes, at least once in a month till all codes are blocked which am sure is not possible unless the companies stop providing internet services. If you do not receive your monthly code, feel free to contact me and i will sort it out for you. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said…
what about for zain
Anonymous said…
BOSS Please since port 53 and 69 has been blocked by mtn and zain i will like you to kindly send me the latest port and setting on YF to browse free. i have subscribe you site.this is my email: thank you very much
the ports are not really blocked..there are now new workarounds with it..just try and download the latest version of your freedom software, use the search wizard and your problem will be solved....FREE BROWSING ROCKS FOREVER.

Using UPGRADED Your-Freedom free browsing to post this now with MTN ...cheers!!