Download OpenVPN For Your-Freedom Free Browsing Software

This short article is for those that already understand what OpenVPN is and just in need of where to
Download it to their PC so they can start using it with the Your-Freedom software.

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To download OpenVPN, go to

On the Downloads Page, You will see a list of links to different installation files.

You should use a version 2.1, not version 2.0.9 (2.0.9 will not work properly).

If you are using Windows Operating system, the Windows Installer version of OpenVPN is for you.
Right click on the link and choose SAVE LINK AS, then choose wherever you want to download it to.

Leave it till it finishes downloading.

Its cool to download with Mozilla firefox or download managers as downloading tends to break when using internet explorer and this might frustrate you especially when downloading with poor internet connection.

After successful downloading, you can then install it your PC.

If you are using Windows Vista, to install, Right click on the Installation file and choose RUN AS....(this also applies to anything you want to install on vista). Simply click through the installer, the defaults are fine.

So, How Do I Configure OpenVPN With Your-Freedom?

Once it's installed, click on "Start", "Control Panel", "Network connections". Find the TAP-WIN32
interface, right-click on it and choose "Properties". In the protocol list, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)",
highlight it and click on "Properties". Use a manually configured DNS server: If you feel
like having two of them, use as the second but it's not needed. Click all the OK buttons to close the windows. That's all the configuration you need, you don't have to mess with the slightly cryptic internals of OpenVPN, the Your Freedom client will do this for you.

Enable OpenVPN in Your Freedom

Now start the Your Freedom client. Click on the Ports panel. Under "Local Services", find "OpenVPN mode" and enable it. The port number should be 1194. It is the default and usually fine.

That's it!

Cheers !!!.


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    For your free Browsing Tricks and Tips


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  2. Anonymous10/01/2010

    I cant locate the protocol list to input the ips in openvpn. I'm using windows 7

  3. Anonymous9/24/2011

    i cant connect mine


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