Activate And Deactivate Globacom Free Call

glo2 It is no more news that Globacom Nigeria is presently offering Free calls on calls within the Globacom Network. For some days now, people have been enjoying the kind gesture but to be frank, it has affected the quality of calls within the network.
To benefit from the service, you must have above 40 naira on your phone because once you activate it, 40 naira will be instantly deducted from your airtime balance, which will allow you to make free GLO-GLO calls for ONLY 24 hours.

So, How Do I Activate It?

To activate it, dial *100*1*1#  You will then be prompted with a message, ACCEPT the terms and you can thereafter start enjoying your free calls.

Once you activate it, 40 naira will be deducted AUTOMATICALLY from your account everyday, in as much as you have airtime on your Globacom SIM card.

You might later want to DEACTIVATE it and for you to do that, you will have to choose from the set of codes below, depending on the profile you want to change to.
*100*3*2#   ---- This will change your profile back to the normal CLASSIC PACKAGE. Nothing will be deducted from your airtime balance for deactivating back to this classic profile.
If you want to change to other profiles, try:
*100*2*1#  *100*2*1#

Many people have been using the free call to call me, asking me series of questions with regards to my posts on this blog. So, you too should feel free to call me if you have questions to ask me.
Due to the free call, the network seems congested, hence your calls might not go through easily but once it goes through, I think it worths it. Kindly let me know what you feel about this free call using the comment form below.