With facebook Username, you can personalize your Facebook URL (web address) by selecting a unique username. It will appear in the location bar of your browser after "http://www.facebook.com/" when you view your profile.

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NIgeria: Simple Tips On How To Ensure Safe And Secure ATM Transactions

To avoid ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Fraudsters from duping you, here are few tips for you. This simple tips will guide you from falling prey to ATM scammers.

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How To Put Facebook Share Button On Your Blog

If you are interested in adding the Facebook Share button to your Blog or Website, just go to http://www.facebook.com/share_partners.php . On the page, you will see the codes for Link Only, Link & Image and Styled Link & Image. Out of the three codes, copy the one of your choice, Edit it by inserting the link you want to Share or the URL of your blog/website. Add the code to your Blog/Web page. Enjoy!

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