Is Recharge Voucher/Card Printing Legal In Nigeria?

Despite the fact that the GSM industry has become generally accepted and almost indispensable, some people still doubt the authenticity and legality of the recharge voucher business in Nigeria. As a result of this, I find it necessary to come up with this article to let you know that the business is as legal as any other legalized business you can think of in this country.

Gone are the days we need to sweat in order to get NITEL lines, gone are the days when ONLY financial institutions trade FOREX. Gone also, are the days when ONLY millionaire major dealers have the right to printing recharge vouchers. Thanks to the emergence of computers,softwares and other communication technologies.

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Secret Things To Know About LightUpNigeria

lightupnigerialogoIf you are a Nigerian that is very active online especially on facebook and twitter, I am sure you would have in one way or the other come across the word "LIGHTUPNIGERIA".
So, what is "LIGHTUPNIGERIA" ?

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