What Is Paypal ? Can I Use Paypal In Nigeria?

Paypal In Nigeria Paypal is a simple and affordable payment solution for online entrepreneurs. It is one of the most popular payment options available online. Paypal is used worldwide, though some countries are not allowed to use it.

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Study Free In Sweden,Finland,Norway:Free Tuition For Undergraduates and Postgraduates

scholarshipspple While going through the pages of one of the local Newspapers here in Nigeria, I saw an advert about studying free in Sweden. I asked myself if this could ever be real and without wasting much time, I hooked to the internet and used my researching tricks to search for info about this. After much clicks I stumbled upon a lot of info which I have decided to share with you,for you to know that IT IS FOR REAL.

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How To Open Domiciliary Account In Nigeria

naira What is Domiciliary (dom) Account ?
Domiciliary Account is a special account in foreign currency especially in US dollars opened in a local bank that allows you to make international bulk payment in form of bank wire transfer for goods or services online. Dom account comes handy when dealing in Mega transactions which your MasterCard or VisaCard might not handle.

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10 Latest Etisalat,Glo,Zain,MTN Free Browsing Codes:Christmas Update

, though not Zain Free browsing As part of my Christmas gift, I decided to share some latest free free browsing codes with you. With these codes, you should be able to browse free during Christmas and have a wonderful holiday.

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Get 1000 Free BulkSMS, Free CustomizeSMS

customizesmslogosmall It is the end of the Year and there have been lots of promos here and there. Today, am sharing with you how you can get as much as 1000 free bulkSMS which you can use to text your loved ones or even monetize to fetch you some more money.

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How To AutoPost Your Blog Posts To Twitter

branding Would you love to save time posting your blog posts to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks? Then, Twitterfeed is for you. Twitterfeed is a tool that effectively utilizes time by allowing you to update your Twitter account with your most recent blog posts therefore, there is no need for manually entering updates into Twitter. Twitterfeed can help your content spread across the social web, just within a twinkle of an eye!

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Website For Activating Zain Internet In Nigeria

zain For you to be able to access internet services on your mobile phone using ZAIN Nigeria, it is quite essential for you to activate your SIM card for internet and configure your mobile phone to use ZAIN Nigeria Internet settings. How To Activate/Configure Internet On Mobile Phones : MTN, ZAIN, GLOBACOM, ETISALAT Nigeria explains the different ways by which you can configure your MTN, ZAIN, GLOBACOM, ETISALAT SIM cards for internet in Nigeria.
If you want to activate your ZAIN Nigeria SIM card for internet, you can also go to

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How To Put Related Posts In Blogger Posts: Update

RELATED POSTS BLOGGER Read Update here: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2012/01/how-i-added-related-posts-widget-to.html

Would you like to have links to related posts on each post page of your blogger blog? Then, the Related Posts hack is for you. If you scroll down this page (on my blog), you will see some links titled "Related Posts". This is a very useful hack because it will enable visitors to your blog read more articles on your blog, which might earn your more adsense clicks.

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What Is Twitter and Why Should I Use Twitter?

twitter Still wondering what Twitter is all about? Well,Twitter is a microblogging, social networking website which lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters including all punctuations and spaces.

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Free Browsing Software:Download Your-Freedom December 2009 Version

YF5 If you are already using Your-Freedom software for free browsing (in Nigeria) or for surfing the internet anonymously, then it it is highly recommended to always download the latest version of the software.

If you do not really know much about the software, you can read YOUR-FREEDOM TRICKS for all the articles I have been writing about it.

So, How Do I Get The December, 2009 Version?

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At www.ogbongeesms.com, you will be offered an easy to use and reliable low cost internet based sms messaging services by which you can send personalised sms to thousands of recipients at a click of a button.

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