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If you are using MTN Fastlink Modem to surf the Internet, MTN recommends that you update your F@stLink Data modem firmware to the latest available version to ensure that you always receive the best MTN Broadband user experience.

What is the difference between Firmware and Software?
Your F@stLink Data modem relies on two applications or programs to be able to connect to the MTN network. One application is installed on the modem itself and the other application installed on your computer that the card is used with. The Application that is installed on the modem is called Firmware and the application that is installed on your computer is called Software.

Why download the UI software:
This software is the latest version of software to upgrade your modem UI, which includes some of the features that are non-existent on other UI’s. Some of these features includes:
    * The ability to load Prepaid airtime
    * The ability to check airtime balance
    * The ability to purchase MTN data and SMS bundles

How to check if you have latest version:
    * Launch the modem UI (dashboard)
    * Go to the “Help” option on the top menu and click on it
    * This will then bring up a window displaying the version that you’re currently on. The version number would be represented in the following manner, MTN F@stLink
    * From this number, the version number will be the second last two digits (highlighted in bold above) which will indicate what version you’re currently using.
    * Should the version of your modem be below 14, then you will require an upgrade.

So, if you want to Upgrade right now or want to read more, go to

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  1. Anonymous2/17/2010

    I like your post. Thanks for this piece of information. I have an mtn modem but i'm unable to use my glo sim on the modem. Is there any way i can make the modem accept my glo sim card?

  2. your glo sim card is not working with the mtn modem because the modem has been locked to the mtn network. You will have to unlock the modem or try to buy a universal modem with which you will be able to use any SIM card.

  3. Anonymous4/23/2010

    i downloaded the upgrade to my modem but i need password to install the software. any help

  4. Anonymous8/12/2010

    Hey bro,
    Can you help in unlocking any moderm...?
    If yes! I would want you to contact me at hndjims010@yahoo.com


  5. I have a E156G, where would I find the upgrade?
    Hardware Version CD 27 TCPU
    Firmware Version 11.608.05.05.00

    Please assist

  6. nice post, tanx a lot.
    pls where can i get that of zain eg162g cos I 've got some prob. with, I 'll need to flash the firmware, not just the dashboard. It keeps connecting and disconnecting while plugged to pc, I think its a common problem with that particular modem

  7. Anonymous2/21/2011

    Hello bros,
    I bought MTN FASTLINK Modem and the modem was unlock. I can use mtn, zain and etisalat and glo is yet to be connected and i followed your settings. pls help me out.

  8. Anonymous1/16/2013

    Pls how do i upgrade my moderm..because it isnt workin wit my pc.my gues is because i'm using windows 8.pls help me out.model:MF626

  9. Anonymous3/26/2013

    i how can i configure my mf190 as in blackberry data plan ie the BIS PLAN on like in or 3g Modem settings like blackberry.net as an example


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