Funny Video: Strong wind scores an incredible own goal

While surfing through yahoo today, I saw this funny video and decided to share it with you and also know what you think about it. In the video, overpowering winds redirected the ball, notching an own goal.

In the second half of a real match between German lower division sides TSV Wimsheim and TSV Grunbach last Sunday, a Grunbach player attempted to launch a booming kick against the intense winds only to have the ball hang in the sky and come right back the way it came, bounce high over the goalkeeper's head and into the net, giving Wimsheim a 1-0 lead.

Wimsheim would go on to win 2-1, but if you're Grunbach, I think you just have to accept that the universe was against you that day and move on. Or consider that Newton's Laws of Motion weren't a joke. 



  1. Anonymous3/05/2010

    The referee suppose not to count the goal. How sad would it have been if it is in a final of a world cup. So funny indeed!!.


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