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I am happy to inform you that you can now send and receive money in Nigeria by just using your EMAIL ADDRESS. If you are familiar with how paypal works, then, I am sure you already have an idea of what I am trying to talk about.
Well, at the click of your mouse, you can send and receive money online from anybody, anywhere, and at anytime with your e-mail right here in Nigeria, thanks to FASTECASH.

FasteCash is designed for easy Naira transfer in an electronic format.

You will only need to fund your Fastecash account via Fastecash bank accounts or by purchasing recharge Passocode from Fasteacash resellers. Once you fund your account, your money will reflect in your account; then, you are set to send money to anybody without going to any bank.

With your FasteCash account, you can also receive money on Internet from another Fastecash account holder and withdraw the money to your bank account with ease.

Your e-Money can be used to purchase products or services from Merchants on Internet without any stressful need of sending money to their physical bank accounts and waiting impatiently for several days before receiving the notification of your money confirmation which sometimes can come up with some uninteresting issues.

More so, you can use your e-money to buy LIBERTY RESERVE, GET US ADDRESS etc


To get started, go to FASTECASH WEBSITE to register FREE.

Once registered, you can SEND and WITHDRAW money via the TRANSACTIONS TAB in your profile.

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In my future articles, I will be sharing with you how to make money with fastecash and how you can buy any digital product online with fastecash.

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Cheers !!!.


  1. Anonymous4/05/2010

    I am so happy to see this kind of startup in Nigeria. I learnt that one can even make money with this it true, Mr Jide?

  2. Great blog!!!
    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

  3. @Pablo......thanks. Visited yours but i think it will be better if you can add English transliteration to the blog. cheers!


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