Download Nokia PC Suite To Connect Your Phone To PC/Laptop

If you are interested in connecting your Nokia Phone to your computer, whether for internet browsing,file transfer etc, then, Nokia PC Suite is what you need.Nokia PC suite is a software provided by Nokia to make it possible for Nokia phones to be connected to the computer.

So, How Do I Connect My Nokia Phone To A Computer?
You will need the Nokia PC Suite installation package. You may have it on a CD-ROM or a DVD, or you
can download it for free from the Nokia PC Suite web site.

In addition to the Nokia PC Suite Software, to create a connection between your device and your PC, you will also need a data cable, an infrared port, or Bluetooth connection on both the PC and the device.

If you do not have connecting cable for your Nokia phone, you can get one at any Phone accessories store close to you. If you do not want to use cable, you can also buy an external bluetooth device from any phone accessories store, provided your laptop doesn't have an in built bluetooth. Personally, I prefer using bluetooth because of its simplicity.

So, Where Do I Download Nokia PC Suite?

This version of Nokia PC Suite am sharing with you comes bundled with in-built cable drivers. Hence, do not worry yourself downlading drivers for your cable. Just downlaod, install this version am sharing with you, plug the cable to your PC and to your phone and you are good to go.

Right on the page, just choose your phone model from the list and click on download. You can then install it after it finishes downloading.

That's All.

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  1. plz i want to download pc suite.

  2. Okay, what your nokia model?

  3. JT Okeke1/15/2014

    Pls, I want to download nokia pc suite but it's not working. My nokia model is E71


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