Big Brother Africa 2010: HouseMates/Website

Finally, the Big Brother 5 All Stars launches in style. Interested in the list of the Housemates and also the link to the BBA website where you can be following what is going on in the house, just keep reading..
14 Housemates have entered the BBA 5 All Star House and each of them will compete for the whooping $200,000 prize money! The All Star Housemate cast arrives at the Big Brother Africa launch looking like the stars they are!

The All Star Housemate cast comprises of housemates from previous editions of the BBA show. The list of the 14 Housemates are as follows:

Mwisho from Tanzania (BBA 1)
Mwisho from Tanzania (BBA 1)
Sammie from Ghana (BBA 1)
Lerato from South Africa (BBA 2)
Meryl from Namibia (BBA 2)
Tatiana from Angola (BBA 2)
Code from Malawi (BBA 2)
Munya from Zimbabwe (BBA 3)
Sheila from Kenya (BBA 3)
Kaone from (BBA 4)
Jeniffer from Mozambique (BBA 4)
Paloma from Zambia (BBA 4)
Yacob from Ethiopia (BBA 4)
Hannington from Uganda (BBA 4)

If you want to vote for your favourite housemate, want to view pictures of the housemates or just want to be following what is going on in the house, online, click here to visit the BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5 WEBSITE.

UTI is representing Nigeria and I hope you will support him all the way...

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Happy Viewing for the next 91 days y'all!