APN Of Etisalat, Glo, MTN , Zain

If you do configure your phone or modem with internet settings of different networks, then the word "APN" should not be new to you. You will always need the Access Point Name of the network you want to use to surf the internet whenever you want to configure your phone, modem or even if you want to create prov files.

If for example, you want to use your phone to surf the internet using MTN data-ready SIM card and you fail to configure your phone with the APN of MTN, the phone might not connect to the internet at all.

The APN of the major internet providers in Nigeria are stated below:

APN of Etisalat : etisalat [Username = blank, Password = blank)
APN of MTN      : web.gprs.mtnngeria.net [Username = web, Password = web)
APN of Zain     : internet.ng.zain.com
APN of Airtel     : internet.ng.airtel.com [Username = internet, Password = internet)
APN of Globacom : gloflat (for data plans)  [Username = flat, Password = flat)
APN of Globacom : glowap or glosecure  (this deducts your airtime)

I hope this short info helps....

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  1. Thanks so much for this info... I can now use these settings to create new profiles for each network in my modem. Also using this medium to thank you for helping me unlock my MTN fastlink modem....Much love bro

  2. Anonymous8/02/2010

    what is the proxy address for tor?

  3. Anonymous8/02/2010

    plz help me
    Huawei e 1692
    IMEI :353108032883690

  4. Anonymous8/04/2010

    Hi Bro, I have MTN F@stlink and i have unlocked it to use with other SIM apart from MTN, but, I created a new profile and entered the APN for Zain, but, when it reaches authenticating it bounce back with an error. I think something is wrong with the username and password. Could you please help out....

  5. Check the tor settings tab for the proxy address

    This article is not for unlocking, so dont post your imei number here....

    if you do not put in the correct APN for the zain profile, it will never connect, so cross check your settings very well

  6. Anonymous8/23/2010

    hello please i'm having a problem connecting to the internet with my phone, each time i try connecting it say Error in connection. secondly after i've done the necessary setting it is still saying GPRS not subscribed, so am i to pay a certing amount before it will subcribe? pls help me. thanks

  7. Nicoter8/24/2010


  8. Anonymous10/04/2010

    pls hw can i use my mtnfastlink E156G to access glo network?
    also i did not see my modem model e156g on your upgrade page, or can i just download the upgrade for fastlink E270 or E170?
    thks for all ur work, they are really helpful.
    hope u keep it up.

  9. @Nicoter..kindly check for the post where am unlocking modems.
    @Anonymous... It means your phone is not configured well to use the APN of the network you are trying to use....
    @Anonymous... You will first have to unlock the fastlink , then configure it with Glo APN settings

  10. Anonymous10/11/2010

    pls i need ur help, hw can i use glo on mtn fastlink E156G. i have try Glo APN: gloflat, Username: flat and password: flat but is not working. I need it badly pls. send it to my email: emmylazio@yahoo.com or 08032637737. if this men work i will surely reward you i mean it. thanks

  11. It is has been observed that some MTn modems doesnt support Glo SIM. One of the reasons I prefer Glo Modems now because you can use all SIMs with it..

  12. Anonymous12/22/2010


  13. Anonymous5/26/2012

    my imei: 357534044093505 mtn fastlink MF190 white mtn modem xlmagnuum@yahoo.com

  14. Anonymous9/07/2012

    hello jide. i was able to unlock my mtn fastlink MF190 modem, and i am trying to use my glo sim on it. however, at the configuration stage, it asked for 'dial number' (directly under the config name in the config file tab). the one for mtn is *99#. pls what should i use for glo and etisalat?

  15. Anonymous1/07/2013

    Happy new year 2013, I have HTC smart phone but i cant make use of it, i mean browsing,

  16. Anonymous1/03/2014

    happy new year,i have HTC T Mobile smart phone but i dont know how to use it for browsing please put me through


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