MTN Funlink: Tariffs, Benefits, How To Migrate

Wondering what the MTN Funlink is all about ? Well,  Funlink plan is a collection benefits that MTN has designed specially to enrich the lives of the;

  • Cool, Trendy, Fun loving and adventurous youths, who love to stay in touch with friends and loved ones.
  • It is also a plan for the young and aspirational
In the Funlink plan, MTN Claimed that customers can enjoy:
  • Amazing pocket friendly tariffs/rates
  • My Best Friend service (Free Unlimited weekend calls to one special person (from Saturday 12am to Sunday 11:59pm). To enjoy this special service,. Simply send *563*number of Best Friend#, and your best friend will have to accept the invitation. Both parties will be charged N100 only
  • Free midnight calls daily (12.30am - 4.30 am)
  • Free Unlimited call me back
  • Free MMS (10/month)
  • Funlink  Bundle

Funlink plan?

To get on to the Funlink is simple.
If you are an XtraCool  or any other MTN  prepaid customer, simply text 440 to 131.
You will get a message welcoming you to the Funlink plan as soon as you do this.

How much does Funlink cost?

Getting on to the Funlink plan is FREE!!! However,  if you move to Funlink, then move out of Funlink and move back to Funlink within 30 days, you will be charged NGN100 only

What are the rates on Funlink?

The table below shows the rates you can enjoy when you are on the Funlink plan:

Voice – MTN 2 MTN, peak: 53 kobo per second
Voice – MTN 2 MTN, off peak: 43 kobo per second
Voice – MTN2Other: 58 kobo per second
Happy Hour: Free (12.30am – 4.30am)
West and Central Africa: 53 kobo per second
MTN Group Networks: 58 kobo per second
International Zone 1: 66 kobo per second
Zone 2 - Small Island: NGN1.25 per second
Zone 3 - Satellite and Thuraya: NGN11.67 per second

MTN 2 MTN: NGN5.00
MTN 2 Other: NGN10.00
MMS: NGN60.00
GPRS: 15 kobo per kilobyte
Changing of Plans
First change in 30 days: FREE
Next change in 30 days: NGN100.00
My Best Friend Talk for free from 12.00am Saturday morning to 4.30am on Sunday morning (52 hrs 30mins free) @ N100 each to both parties
Funlink Bundle
The table below shows the value you get. The rates are bundled to give better value when you are on the Funlink Bundle:

FunLink Bundle
Cost N1,500
Bundle content 50  MTN2MTN minutes

How does the Funlink Bundle work?

First of all, to use the Funlink Bundle, you must be on the Funlink plan. If you are not on the Funlink plan, you won’t be able to use the Funlink Bundle. To migrate to the Funlink plan, text 440 to 131 from any MTN Pay as you go line, migration is free.
To buy the Funlink Bundle, simple text FUN to 131, on the customer's account, once this is done, s/he will get a message welcoming them to the Funlink Bundle. The Bundle offers them 50 MTN2MTN minutes, 200 MTN2MTN sms and 60MB of data.
When you finish using any part of your Funlink Bundle- voice, sms or data, that element will be charged the normal rate as shown in the table below:
MTN2MTN peak 53k per second
MTN2MTN off peak 43k per second
MTN 2 OTHER Networks 58k per second

MTN 2 OTHER Networks N10

For example, after you finish your Funlink Bundle SMS, you will be charged NGN5.00 for every SMS that you send.
After you finish your Funlink Bundle MTN2MTN minutes, you will be charged 53 kobo per second at peak period for MTN2MTN calls.

How do I get the Funlink Bundle?

To get the Funlink Bundle, you need to migrate to the Funlink plan by texting 440 to 131.
You will get a message welcoming you to the Funlink platform. Then you text FUN to 131to request for the bundle, you will receive a message welcoming you to the bundle and gives you details of your bundle breakdown.

How much does Funlink Bundle cost?

The Funlink Bundle is NGN1, 500.00 for 30 days from the date of the request. After you send FUN to 131, MTN will deduct NGN1, 500.00 from your account.

To me, the "my best friend service" is what I really like with regards to this new MTN package but considering the tarrif, It is obvious that it is still expensive than what other networks out there are charging.  For example, if you are on the Globacom TALK MORE package, you will be charged 30k/sec (glo-to- glo) and 60k/sec (glo to others)

If you are a Globacom Subscriber, to migrate to Glo Talk More, simple dial *100*1*2# 

I hope this short info helps....

If you have anything to say or question to ask, kindly make use of the comment form below.

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  1. Mtn tarif is still 2 cost. Etisalat is 15 2 all network. I think dey need 2 do some homework 2 make their tarif come down.

  2. Thanks for this info bro...but come to think of it, making calls with MTN is quite expensive compared to other networks... what do you think sir?

  3. Rapheal(Seanraph_007@yahoo.com)8/12/2010

    MTN are nothing but a Scam..... I regreat joining their network

  4. Anonymous8/14/2010

    mtn are thief.do u know i tried my best friend package and it did not work.they took my 200naira and dt of my friend cos we tried it twice and it did not work.do u know their customer care are not working with with 181 and 180 so dt they can eat our money well.i dont blame them.08035786785.

  5. JohnVianney8/17/2010

    Mtn should do something about their customer care line. it is not going at all. the funlink package should be verifid esp the 'my best friend package'


  6. Anonymous8/23/2010

    Thanks...the info here is clearer than what I was able to get from their website!

  7. Anonymous9/18/2010

    What is happening SIR. I migrated from xtracool to funlink. I regret doing it because i cant free call because it is not free

  8. pls this link link whatever is not favourable at all,Mtn is suppose to serve us better.how can they change from the formal tarriffs plan 2 this new link thing.For me im done with Mtn i think i've used the service enough,let me try some other network.thank u

  9. Anonymous9/24/2010

    I migrated from xtracool to funlink. I regret doing it because i cant make low call cost for family and friends,it doesnt make sense.Mtn is suppose 2 serve us better not the other way round.im checking other networks cos it's enough for mtn


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