OgbongeSMS : Free SMS for OgbongeBlog Followers

Would you like to get some FREE SMS to test how you can send sms with your DESIRED Sender's Name showing on the recipient's phone?
At OgbongeSMS.com, you can send a text message to thousands of people with a click of a button, with you having the full control over what should be displayed on the recipients phone as the SENDER'S NAME.

OgbongeSMS.com belongs to me and as a way of launching OgbongeSMS 2 days back, I declared free sms for the first 100 people to register on the website via OgbongeSMS facebook page.  Within a twinkle of an eye, lots of people registered and the offer was terminated same day.

Today, I have decided to give FREE SMS to the first 100 people that register after reading this article; just a way to compensate my blog followers. Hence, if you are reading this now, you might be lucky if you register now to be among the lucky 100.

To get started, Go to www.ogbongesms.com and SIGN UP. On completion of your registration, verify your account by clicking on a link that will be mailed to you automatically in the WELCOME MESSAGE. Thereafter, use the SUPPORT form on the website to contact us with the email address you used during registration. Once we receive your message, we will credit your account asap with the free sms.. Thats all.

If you have anything to ask or have something to say, kindly make use of the comment form below this post..

In my future articles, I will be sharing with you more FREEBIES.

Cheers !!!.


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