How To Change Facebook Profile Pictures Using Phones

Lately, I have been writing about Facebook tricks and tips. Well, today, I am going to explain to you how you can change your Facebook Profile picture using your mobile phone.

How Do I Change Facebook Profile Picture?

To change your Facebook Profile Picture, using your mobile phone, follow the steps highlighted below:

Login to

Click On Profile

Scroll down till you see the PHOTO ALBUMS link. Click on it.

Thereafter, you will see your photo albums. Click the one in which you have the picture you want to use.

When the Album opens, Click on the picture you want to use.

Once the picture finish loading, Scroll down till you see a "USE AS PROFILE PICTURE" link. Click On it.

Thats All. View your profile and you will see new profile picture.

I hope it works for you.

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  1. Suzzie9/19/2010

    Nice post from you... I have been looking for this guide for a while now. I can now be changing my Facebook profile picture anyhow I like..Thanks for sharing Mr Jide

  2. Hi like your post;you are taking me through the internet. want you teach me how to create a link on a web page


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