8 Globacom Internet Subscription Codes

UPDATE: Check out the latest prices and subscription codes of Glo data bundles here

As at the time of writing this post, Globacom Nigeria offers the cheapest internet bundles in Nigeria and more cheaper bundles are been expected if what the company is saying about it's newly launched Glo1 is to be reckoned with. Today, I am sharing with you, 8 subscription codes you can use to subscribe to Globacom High Speed Internet services.

Presently, Globacom Nigeria has 4 internet plans that give you access to Internet 24/7. The plans are Always Micro, Always Day, Always Min and Always Max. Apart from those four, Globacom also offers plans known as G100, G300, G Work and G Leisure. The "Always Micro" is the cheapest in Nigeria now considering the fact that you get 150MB for just N1000 unlike MTN, Zain and Etisalat who as at the time of writing this, gives 100MB for the same N1000.

How To Subscribe
For the "Always Micro" which costs N1000 and gives you 150MB for 24/7 browsing per month, text 13 to 127 after you might have load N1000 on your Glo SIM.

The picture below highlights the features of the current 8 Internet bundles been offered by Globacom Nigeria. In the picture, you will see the Subscription code, access fee, Validity, Time of Use and Bandwidth of each of the plans. CLICK on the picture below to view the full size of the picture.


To Activate your Glo SIM for High Speed Internet, text "Activate" to 127 and follow the instructions in the reply that you receive after sending the message.

To check your Globacom data usage/balance, text "info" to 127

You can use your Glo SIM on any other modem in as much as the modem is not locked or has been unlocked and well-configured with the Glo 3G/Edge settings.


I hope this helps...


  1. Thanks for this Mr Jide but please, can you try and shed more light on the G100 and G300 plans?

  2. @Kunle...the G100 costs N6000 and gives you 3G bandwidth for "100 Hours" One month internet access while G300 costs N15000 and gives you 4G bandwidth for "300 hours" 3 months internet access... All these are also highlighted in the picture above... Cheers!


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