ClickAds: Adsense Alternative for Nigerians (Make Money Displaying Nigerian Ads)

Are you a Nigerian looking for an alternative to Google Adsense? Well, You can try ClickAds. With ClickAds, you can now start making money displaying NIGERIAN ads on your blog or website.

ClickAds works similarly as Google Adsense, just that it is targeted at Nigerians. When you copy and paste ClickAds code into you blog or website, Nigerian Ads will be displayed.  ClickAds also has a Referral System , which allows you to make money by just referring people to use ClickAds for Advertising their products or services to Nigerians.

You can easily withdraw your earnings into your bank account because you will see a link in your account where you can add your bank details. Just giving your bank account details out wont make someone steal from your account, so, don't be scared. It is only your ATM pin, your online bank account passwords that YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE OUT TO ANY BODY.

Click Here To Sign Up With ClickAds Today!

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  1. Wow!!! so happy for this.Signing up now...Thanks bro

  2. @Joshua... Make sure you read the Rules too and dont involve in click frauds...

  3. Nice post, Jide. Just trying them out

  4. Thanks for your information, i never knew Nigeria have an ads network like this.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful info!
    I think one can give Clickads a try

  6. Anonymous11/06/2014

    Have you guys Heard of There Provide Opportunities for BBM and FACEBOOK and not just website owners to Monetized there web activities by Promoting Adverts on there Social Cycle. Upto N2 per Click, N9 Per 1000 Impressions and upto N10 per Click for Website Owners. to Sign up

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  8. Thanks so much Jide. Im already using on my blog

  9. Nice one bro,thank u very much am adding it to my blog right away @


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