Facebook Help Center: Get Answers To Your Facebook Questions/Problems

Are you on Facebook and sometimes, stucked with a problem and don't know how to get it fixed? If Yes, worry no more because the Facebook Help Center is there for you. The Facebook help center is a nice place to get concrete information about anything that has to do with Facebook.
At the Facebook help Center, you will get answers to Frequently asked questions. More so, you will see "Top Questions" , "Common Searches" etc. There is also a "Search box" right there where you can type in any question you need an answer to.

Whether you want to know how to delete your facebook account, how to unblock your blocked/limited facebook account, how to tag, how to integrate Facebook Application, how to create facebook pages etc, you will get all the needed info at the Facebook Help Center.  Check it out and see for yourself.


I hope this helps...

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Bimpe said…
Thanks for sharing this. I now know where to go whenever i have issues with my facebook account. Thank You Mr Jide