How To Insert Youtube Videos In Blogger Post (Embed Youtube Videos In Blogger)

Do you want to embed/insert a Youtube video in your Blogger Posts? I will explain how you can go about this and you'll be sharing YouTube videos in no time. Embedded videos can be played on any Web page or site that supports embedding content. Google will give you the code, and you just need to copy and paste.

The first step is to press the button. Now, this is only visible on the YouTube watch page for that video, NOT on the channel page. That's an important distinction. If you see a link that says "View comments, related videos, and more" below the video, click on it, and that will take you to the watch page.

If you want to insert your own video, then sign up for a YouTube account. Then upload video in your account and get the embed code. 

Next, you're going to click on the embed link. It used to be located on the right side on the watch page, but it has been moved below the video.


For example,if you want to embed a Lady Gaga video,search it and copy the embed code on to a windows notepad or anything else.

The following process is explained below with pictures for easy understanding.

Copy the embeded code(ctrl+c) and paste(ctrl+v) it in windows notepad.

NOTE:You can change the width and height of the video by replacing the values to your desirable ones before copying the embed code as illustrated in the picture above.
Next, Sign in to your blogger account and click the New Post button and next,select the option 'Edit html' as shown below and paste the html code as shown below.

click the 'edit 
html' option as shown here
Publish the post. You can Preview before publishing.

Note, you must have FLASH PLAYER installed in your browser for you to be able to view the videos.

I hope this helps.....

If you need more help or have links to Youtube videos you will love to share,feel free to use the comment form.

With this info, I believe you can now start searching for any video on Youtube and start sharing it on your blog. Lot of music videos, tutorials etc are right there on Youtube. You can even just start a video blog, where you can even just be talking about videos. Think and Grow Rich....

Below is a video of Henry Thienry's goal against Liverpool, while he was still at Arsenal.

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  1. What a very good explanation. With this, i am ready to create my own blog and be sharing music videos, hoping to make some ADSENSE cash with it too. With just videos, i will not have to be cracking my head to update my blog, just copy the code, write a little thing about the video and port... Thanks for this tip Oga Jide. May God keep blessing you.

  2. i very happy for you guy. you are doing a great work. wish i cold have a blog like your. still pleading for your help on my blog

  3. Nice article keep it brother
    It's helping me a lot
    God bless


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