Websites Where You Can Read Romance Novels Online For Free

Have you ever wondered "Where can I read romance novels online free?" Now there's a way. Today, I am sharing with you, two websites where you can read novels on the internet for free and even download them to your PC if you wish.

1. PublicBookshelf

PublicBookshelf is a free online library where you can sample and read romance novels online free - high quality romance novels to capture your heart and while away the hours. If you are looking for a hot romance novel, a contemporary love story or an epic historical romance novel, feel free to browse through the PublicBookshelf romance novel collection and you'll find the perfect novel - exciting characters, fast moving plot lines, beautiful stories, dynamic situations - all for you to read online free.

You can even publish or promote your book with PublicBookshelf at no cost. You can use your own cover or one of theirs. Optional purchase link on each page of your book to the website where your book is sold is also available.

2. is about helping to meet the desires of writers and readers. Readers will find an extensive collection of links to free online novels, organized by genre (Adventure, Mystery, Romance... etc.) and alphabetically by title within each genre. Writers who have their free online novels listed will find an audience for their works. was launched in 2001 by Jennifer L. Armstrong.

I hope this info helps...

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