What Is Google Baraza?

Baraza is a free service that enables users to get their questions answered by the community. Baraza is designed by Google specifically for users in Africa to make it easy to get answers to their questions.

According to Google, a  large number of questions that are typed into Google’s search engine by users are written as if they were talking to their friends. For example, “How can I write a movie script for Nollywood?” or “How does the stock exchange operate in Ghana?” or “What is the recipe for bitter leaf soup?” or “What is the best company for car insurance in Nairobi?”. Google said  many of these questions do not have good search results - the information is not online or it may be inaccurate, hence; the need for Google Baraza.

Many internet users have dozens of similar questions every day, but spend a lot of time looking for the answers. So, instead of looking for answers to your questions in the search engines, just go to Google Baraza, ask your question and get direct answers from experts.

You will be able to set up profiles, send messages, rate answers and follow other people. Points will be awarded to you for your activities on the site. The "Points" really make it to be fun.

You can even direct your question to a specific expert. Lets say you want to ask a question on how to make money online. You can direct the question to me personally on Baraza and I will answer you asap.

Here are some quick tasks to try out:
- Login to Google Baraza , Follow Me by visiting my profile and click "Follow"
- Answer a question on your favorite topic - Find a question by browsing labels (e.g.,"Computers,Dating ") or Search (e.g., "Blogging")
- Ask a question that you have been wondering about.

Click here to Follow Me at Google Baraza

Click here to Join Google Baraza

In my future articles, I will be writing about how to use Baraza to drive traffic to your blog/website, how to ask/answer questions etc

I hope this info helps...

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  1. Good one... I can be followed here too http://www.google.com/baraza/en/user?userid=13398615336622809468&un=Adesoji+Adegbulu

  2. I am following you now... Hope you follow back too


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