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It is the little things we do that make us great people in the eyes so many. Do as little as sending a text message to a loved one this new year and you would not believe the measure of dignity it will earn you.

You can send the text messages at with any customized/desired name you want.

Inspire your friends and families this season with the collection of fantastic new year text messages.  Below, I have some unique collections you can choose from. None of them is more than 160 characters (1 page message).

1. God is ur Alpha,so u’re not starting alone.He’s ur Omega,so u won’t finish alone. Left,right,front,back&centre,He’ll be dere 4 u ds new yr, U’LL FINISH WELL.

2. Thus says d Lord,’’U shal not die.’’ Ur dreams won’t die,ur vision won’t die.Why ? Bcos Ur Reedemer Lives.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.

3. In d yr 2012, Jer.20:11 is ur portion. It says,‘‘The LORD is wt u as a MIGHTY TERRIBLE ONE;So ur persecutors shall stumble,and not prevail...FANTASTIC 2012.

4. Life wl giv u whatever u’ll accept.In 2012, neva accept defeat,neva tolerate pain,neva permit shame,neva condone mediocrity. U’LL HAV GOOD SUCCESS.HAPPY 2012

5. In ds new yr 2012, God has declared u A VICTOR,A WINNER,A CHAMPION & A HERO.Don,t see or say st different. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!

6. Ds yr,u’ll achieve more dan ur dreams,bcos u’re capable of becoming more dan what u think. Just luk beyond ur circumstances& c d invisible.HISTORIC 2012.

7. Thank God 4 ur success in 2011 but what u hav achieved is a joke compared to what u can achieve.What u hav isn’t all u’re destined to hav.EXPECT MORE IN 2012.

8. Without specific goals, u’re merely engaging in wishful thinking.Set goals 4 2012 cos u can’t build sumtin on nothing.At d end of 2012,u won’t be ashamed.HNY

9. What r u looking 4 in 2012? Dose looking 4 d worst wil b blind to d best&vice-versa.Dose looking 4 excellence will b blind to mediocrity&vice-versa.HAPPY NEW YR.

10. As u begin ds mysterious journey of 2012,my prayer 4 u is dt God’s presence wil go wit u and giv u rest every sec,min,hour,day&month of 2012.HAPPY NEW YEAR.


You can send the text messages at with any customized/desired name you want.

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Remember, you can send these New Year text messages with your desired company's name, nickname, business name, etc at

                        Happy New Year In Advance.


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