Google Adsense: Trick For Fast Approval

Lately, Google has not been approving many Google Adsense registrations to the extent that some people have started spreading the rumor that Google won't accept any blog who does not has a dot com address. Well, IT IS A BIG LIE.  In this post, I will share with you tips that will enable Google to approve your Adsense registration asap (as soon as possible).

As at the time of publishing this post, you can apply for the Google Adsense program with any website or your free blogger blog and get approved in as much as you abide by the rules.  This info was originally posted on a Facebook page and am sure you will find it worthy.

Avoid this :

1. Site under construction.
2. Not enough pages.
3. Not enough traffic.
4. Site that doesn’t comply with policy.

Via Ordinary Step :

1. Having a Blog / Website with English dominant.
2. Choose Themes Blog / Website interesting and much-loved.
3. Preferably create a blog on Blogspot.
4. If you already have a Blog / Website, be sure it has not previously been made to enroll in Adsense.
5. Create a post interesting articles of at least 10 posts.
6. Use GMAIL to sign up for Adsense email (be sure it has not been used to sign up for Adsense before).
7. Make sure you do not have an approved AdSense account before (multiple accounts).
8. Use Keywords much preferred, for example: Tips, Trick, Make Money Online, SEO, Health, etc..
9. Do not Forget to

Via Blogspot :

1.. Create a blog at (eg:
2. Fill your blog with articles, of course articles that correlated with your blog title. You can find it by    googleing around using and then do some modification on the article, to make it unique.
3. Try to publish 5-10 blog posts.
4. Then go to google adsense to register ( or apply via the "Monetize" tab in the blogger dashboard.
5. Use your true identity don’t fake it, play it clean
6. Then wait, during waiting time, please keep updating your blog.
7. Make a blog post at least one per day.
8. Start promoting your blog, to get more visitor (easier via Facebook and Twitter).
9. Dont forget to Check your email. Usually the mail arrive within four working days.
10. If you got Approved, then you may put he adsense code in your blog, of course keep your blog updated too. and keep promoting your blog.
11. If you are not approved, Please check your mail carefully, Pay attention to the reason why your blog got rejected. Correct all the mistakes and "ReApply" via step 4.

That's all.

If you are still having problem with your registration, kindly let me know.


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I hope this helps...

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  1. hi jide,
    thanks for this info and am going to get on it right away i pray it works for me and i'll be posting my experience

  2. Anonymous3/02/2011

    i try but i didnt get approval so pls give more trick how to get its my email id

  3. @Davina..ok. Am here for you
    @Anonymous.. do u av a blog?..if yes, let me have the link so i can check it out and tell you what might be wrong

  4. Anonymous3/24/2011

    my blog did not get approved, even though i have a custom domain name from web4Africa,and a few posts, what could be wrong?

  5. There will surely be reasons for that eg page type, too much keywords etc. Just join BloggersLab at so that fellow bloggers can help you out.

  6. my google adsense has been disable, what can i do to get it back.

  7. Anonymous1/06/2016

    My adsense request was not approved my site is please help me check out what's wrong

  8. Mr Jide, please I have an AdSense hosted Account, please, I have tried everything possible to see it upgraded and approved so as to serve ads on my site please, can you help me?


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