How I Make €10 (N2,000+) From 1 Click via Google Adsense For Feeds

AdSense for feeds allows web publishers to earn by placing targeted Google ads in their feeds. AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works: by delivering ads that are relevant to your content and your readers.

You can control the frequency, appearance, and positioning of Google ads in your feeds. The ad size is automatically determined based on where your feed is appearing.  

I have been earning via my feed for a long time now. While checking my Adsense earnings yesterday, I realized that I made €10 from just One click. This is around N2, 000 in Nigerian currency. If this happens everyday for a whole month, will be cool, right?... Not easy though.

To be sincere, I just don't know how this happened but I guess Google paid me by impression and not by click, only Google can explain better though. Below is a snapshot from my account:

Since I have started using the "Read More" option in my feeds, I have started to notice positive increase in my pageviews and earnings via Adsense for feeds. 

To set up Adsense for Feeds in your Blogger blog, go to Blogger and select the blog you wish to monetize on your Blogger Dashboard, and select "Monetize" Then click on the "Adsense for feeds" subtab. Follow the intsructions and you will be done asap. After setup, you will be able to view your AdSense reports (including feed revenue) directly from the Blogger Dashboard, as well as from your AdSense account.

Have a feed already? Learn how to get started with AdSense for feeds.
Not familiar with feeds? Learn what a feed is.

I hope this info helps....

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  1. Patrick12/26/2010

    I just dont know what Adsense for feeds is not until i stumbled on this post. used to think its a complex thing. Will set it up asap because i cant wait to start earning from it too.. thanks for this information

  2. When I did 1.90 Euros with 1 click from my Adsense for Feed, I felt on top of the world but with 10 Euros with just a click, mehn that's great. Keep the great work pal.

  3. thanks bro...I was really amazed by the earning, really praying for more of Happy blogging bro!

  4. guy i need help please how can i make my blog like yours sir@

  5. i av not seen the adsense for feeds on my earnings, pls could u direct me wll?


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