How To Chat With Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger

Before now, I do use Palringo to chat with my Facebook friends but while at the Bloggers Lab yesterday, I saw a blog post of a fellow blogger, Mr Soji of "Make Money Online Nigeria" who in his post, I discovered the fact that you can now chat with Facebook friends using Yahoo Messenger.

Aside from the usual features (instant messaging, text, voice and video calls+webcam), with the newly released  Yahoo! Messenger 11 beta, users can play social games, manage multiple social network accounts and chat with Facebook friends.

To get started, go to and download the "Yahoo! Messenger Beta" version.

Installing the new one will update the one you already have on your PC. After installation, login to the Messenger. After logging in, you will see a "Link To Facebook" link. Follow the the steps and get your Facebook account linked. Once linked, you will be seeing your Facebook Friends that are online. Thereafter, you can start chatting. The "Facebook Friends" list in the Yahoo Messenger refreshes automatically.

Just explore the new Yahoo Messenger and catch your fun.

That's all.  

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Bayo said…
Thanks for the info. I have installed and now using it but I think Yahoo still need some more work to do on it.