How To Create Banner For Blogs/Websites Without Adobe Photoshop

If you want to create a banner either for advertisement or to use as your blog header image, you can easily generate it online without having to worry yourself on how to use Adobe Photoshop.

Using image instead of the default Blogger's Title and Description texts will add more glamour to your blog. So, if you do not know how to use Adobe photoshop, you can now create one for yourself using BannerFans' BannerMaker.

With the BannerMaker, you can also generate banners which you can use for your Google Adwords campaign or for Banner exchanges.

Just go to the site and generate yours according to your taste.

Below is a sample:

For Blogger Users.

Before generating your banner, it is always better if you know the size of your header. To know this, login to your blog dashboard, click on DESIGN. On the "Page Elements" page, you will see "Header" , click on the "edit" next to it. A window will pop up, just look down and you will see a place where you will be told that your image will be shrunk to maybe "748px". Just take note of this size.

Now go to BannerMaker.

At BannerMaker, click on "Layouts". You will see "select your size". Select the Custom (2nd one), enter the size you  noted above in the width box and enter "90" in the height box.  Click "Update banner". Make other adjustments to your banner till you are satisfied. After making changes, always use "Update Banner" to view your latest changes. When you are through, click "Download Banner". Save it to your PC.

To use it on your blog, login to your blog dashboard, click on DESIGN. On the "Page Elements" page, you will see "Header" , click on the "edit" next to it. You will then see a box where you can upload a picture. Use it to upload the banner you saved to your PC, then choose, "instead of  title and description" and SAVE.

View Your blog and you should now notice your new header.

Note: You will find http://www.colorpicker.com/ useful when working with colours.

I hope this helps...

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  1. Nice one.. I do use cooltext and never knew such a great site like this exists too..thanks for sharing

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  3. Jide nice job,I have been searching for how to make banner for blog NaijaBizCom but Im really glad I found the Information in your blog. keep it up


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