How To Insert Adsense Ads INSIDE Blogger Posts ( Blogger/Blogspot)

UPDATE : Read the updated tutorial on how to add adsense inside posts here.

One of the best sections to display your Google Adsense ads is INSIDE your blog post. So far, the Adsense block in my blog posts is one of the most performing on my blog.  In this post, I am sharing with you, how to add Adsense ad INSIDE your blog post.

Before you implement this trick, kindly BACK UP YOUR TEMPLATE first and I hope you already have an approved Adsense account. If you do not have one, Read: How To Register For Adsense Free of Charge.

Below is a snapshot from my account, showing my earnings so far within the 15 days in December 2010. Take a close look at the analysis in the picture and you will see that the "Postads" channel is making sense.  I created the "Postads" channel for the 300x280 Adsense ad inside my post. If you don't know about channels, you still have a lot to learn about Adsense then. I have 3 great ebooks that can help you asap, just for N1000. You can pay me via Liberty reserve or Paypal too. Contact me if interested.

So, lets get started.

STEP 1: Login to your Google Adsense account, and create a new ad.  Choose the 336x280 large Rectangle ad type. Then, copy the code into a Notepad.  Try and create a channel for the ad, if you know how to do it.

STEP 2: Before you can insert the adsense in your blog, you will need to "Parse" the code. Hence, we will need an html parser to do that. So, go to
At the page, you will see a box, paste your Adsense code into the box and click the "Parse" button. Copy the parsed code. You will need this parsed code in Step 3.

STEP 3:  Login to you Blogger dashboard and navigate to Design > Edit HTML and tick the small "Expand Widget Templates" box. Using "CTRL+F", search for the code <data:post.body/>  and paste the parsed code above, directly above  <data:post.body/>  and save the template.

That's all. View any of your blog post and you should now be seeing adsense ads showing in your post.

Remember, you can only see maximum of 3 Ad units on a page at a time. Hence, if you already displaying 3 ad units on your page, the fourth one will not display after adding this new one.

Advanced Customization

If you are as smart as me, then you can implement this advanced This trick will align the ad to the right of your blog post and also ensure that the ad only displays on post pages and not on the homepage.

Copy the code below into a notepad and replace the blue part with YOUR parsed adsense code in step 2 and then paste it in your blog as explained in step 3 above. If you do not replace it with your adsense code, that means you will be making money for me because the code in blue, is mine..

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
 <div style='float:right;padding:5px;'>
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;pub-&quot;;
google_ad_host = &quot;pub-&quot;;
/* 336x280, created 12/26/09 */
google_ad_slot = &quot;5115307496&quot;;
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

That's all.

NOTE: You can change the float setting in the code above to center or left if you do not like been floated to the right.

I hope it works for you.

If it works for you, kindly use the comment form to share the link to your blog, so we can check it out. If you have problems to ask or want to make contributions, kindly use the comment form.

In my future posts,  I will share with you, more Adsense tricks. So, SUBSCRIBE to this blog now if you don't want to miss them, even if I post them here, when you are not online.






Hi Jide, nice work ur doing once more. hey but what about people like us who don't need adsence code to create an ad. I use blogger and there is no way to copy codes. we use the adsence widget instead of codes. what do people like us do?
Neeraj Rawat said…
Great post,I wish would have found it long time back thanks buddy
Ana Nie said…
Thank for this post and you have a lot of nice post, my I know how did you found those Writing idea?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Get Nigerian Jobs.u can copy codes from
@Monastik...u can display 3 ad blocks and 3 link units per page.
@Neeraj.. am glad it worked for you.
@Ana... thx for your comment. Well, God bless me with it.. smiles**
Thanks man, it worked quite well for my blog. Like to take a look lol!
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Glad to see it working on your blog now. Happy Blogging bro
Gondylife said…
it worked,i did it on my blog.but i need traffic,how do i get that?
Cyracks said…
Good work bro, it worked for me too. but one question, how can ad link be restricted on homepage while ad unit appears on post pages just as you did? that is an ad link 200 X 90 appears under post on homepage, when a page is opened, ad link disappears while ad unit 336 X 280 replaces it. you get it?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Gondylife...check the FREE TRAFFIC category on the blog

@Cyracks...I believed have answered this question of yours with the messages I sent to you on facebook yesterday.
Peter Emu said…
Nice Tuts Jide... Well I just did mine, So I am seeing how well it will look..

Thanks for this. You are too much Master!!!
Jide Ogunsanya said…
You are welcome boss.
richestnigerian said…
i just did mine,thanks for this trick man
damizille said…
jide pls mine not working @
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@RichestNigeria..You are welcome man
@Damizille... guess you didn't follow the steps carefully. Pls,try and follow the steps especially with regards to parsing your ad code
You are indeed a mentor to have. Thanks
Netmedia blog said…
Nice post @jide, your blog is proud to know you. Cos you inspire me alot. Hope grows like yours someday.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks for the comment
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks my man. Your blog will surely keep growing if you keep maintaining it. Stay blessed bro
Nife Ibiyemi said…
bless you richly and thanks a lot. i tried it and it worked. you are the best. and you site is awesome.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Glad it worked for you. thanks man
Thanks for the tutor I was able to do it do it right. But the ads are not live yet. Check out:
Now working with no extra changes, The problem was the adblock I activated on my browser. Thanks and cheers!
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Glad the ads are now been displayed on your blog. Happy blogging bro.
Engr Abdul said…
I tested and tried several times but it still dont work for my new blog. i can remember it worked for my first blog around july
Ayoola Ayobami said…
Nice tutorial Bro, but its not working on my blog - because i have more than one ... so what will i do ???
unity omonuwa said…
hailings boss, its not working for other ad platform, is it just for adsense, i tried it for promo ad, it didnt work....check it out :
Uche Francis said…
I might just say this is the most insightful post i've read on this blogger adsense code installations. It worked perfectly for me before, and it does did clear my doubts once more.

Had to do some few experimentations and your post was handy.

In addition i also learnt a way of making this align either to the left, right or center. Both the link ads and banner.

Thank you for the post
Uche Francis!
I got an adsense code from a friend with the hope of getting 50/50 percent, is this process applicable too sir?
Ayinde Kazeem said…
Pls...I can't find see in my template and am not using any third party template