How To Use VTN With Your Mobile Phone

Virtual Terminal Network (VTN) is a revolutionary hybrid Web/Mobile payment platform designed solely to aid the growth of ecommerce in Africa and first deployment is in Nigeria. VTN allows you to pay for goods and services within Nigeria from the comfort of your own home using your GSM phone or online.

VTN allows you to load minutes on your mobile phone without the need to buy scratch cards. Imagine being able to push few buttons and your GSM phone gets loaded asap.

VTN allows you to become an affiliate and invite friends to join. VTN pays you 5% commission of the processing fee each time they receive payments from a VTN's use. It's automatic. Imagine referring an account like a utility company? Please do not tender your resignation just yet!

With your VTN account, you can easily get a US Address via Graphcard and even pay for Mass Email Sending via Obongomail.  If you do not have a VTN account yet, kindly register today. IT IS FREE.

Another thing I love about VTN is the ability of VTN users to perform transactions with their phone numbers.  With your phone, you can check your account balance, transfer funds,  withdraw funds, load the deposit made at the Bank to your VTN account instantly and even get GSM phone top up PIN Number from mobile service providers.

There are dedicated numbers to send your sms commands to for you to perform any of the transactions listed above with your mobile phone.  The sms commands and the dedicated numbers are further explained on VTN website.


I hope this info helps...

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  1. Chinenye12/02/2010

    you just opened my eyes to what exactly one can do with VTN. I never knew it offers such great services even using one's mobile phone. I am registering now.. Thanks


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