MUST DO Before Changing Your Blogger Template

UPDATE: If you are using the new Blogger dashboard, read : "How to Back up your template and widgets here".

If you blog via Blogger , it is always advisable that you Back Up your template before making any changes to "EDIT HTML" under the template tab. More so, you should always Back Up your blog widgets before changing your Blogger template.

Backing up your template makes it possible for you to restore the template should in case the changes you wish to effect to the template code ain't successful thereafter.

More so, you must always back up your BLOG WIDGETS or else you will not see them on your blog after changing your template. Your blog widgets are the stuffs you add to your blog e.g Feeburner EMail Subscription box, Facebook badge, Search box  etc

To back the widgets up with ease, just login to your blog dashboard, go to "design". While on the "page elements" page, click on the "edit" link on each widget, copy the code and paste in a Notepad. Then, save the Notepad on your PC.You might have to do this for each widget, especially the ones that are very important to you. Hence, by the time you change your template, you can easily paste the codes back via the "Html/Javascript" widget.

I hope this info helps...

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  1. I never knew this oooo. I changed my template last week and wondered why everything on the sidebar dissapeared without knowing I have to back them up. Thanks for this tip. The mistake will never happen again..


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