Website For Upgrading MTN FASTLINK Modems

If you are using MTN Fastlink Modem to surf the Internet, MTN recommends that you update your F@stLink Data modem firmware to the latest available version to ensure that you always receive the best MTN Broadband user experience.

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5 Latest MTN OPERA MINI 4.2 Free Browsing Codes: January,2010 UPDATE

It is always great fun for me on sites like Facebook when most Nigerians can access the web from their mobile phones free of charge but once these free browsing tricks stop working, reduction in activities of 9ja Facebookers is always highly noticed. This is what has been happening for a couple of weeks now and I have decided to share with you these new tricks so that we can keep on rocking right there.

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Google Adsense PIN: Reasons Why You Might Have Not Received Yours

Are you willing to receive money from Google through the Adsense program? If yes, I am just using this opportunity to inform you that you will need to verify your account before your money can be sent to you.

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Google Adsense Video: Why Most People Fail To Make Money With Adsense

There are loads of facts about Google AdSense you need to know in order to succeed with the program! Yes, the money can be great, but if you don't learn how to build a website or blog that attracts targeted traffic then you won't make much from AdSense.

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Website For Sending Free SMS:Mjoy

Want to send SMS from the internet to mobile phones free of charge, then, do not hesitate to try out MJOY. MJOY is one of the websites online where you can send sms to your loved ones and get delivered to mobile phones all around the world, though the message will carry a link of the website and this is one of the reasons why paid sms is different from free sms.

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Create Free Advertising Banner On The Internet

Have you ever wondered how to create an animated banner for online advertisement? Below is an example of one I created to advertise a new year promo :
You could use a banner like this to advertise anything, even your blog on other sites. You can also use it to draw attention to pages on your blog. I used Addesigner to create the banner for free. The website provides a variety of designs to choose from.

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Top Jobs for 2010 From Yahoo HotJobs

With the economic recession biting hard, making a lot of people losing their jobs, the use of the internet by people to search for jobs have increased tremendously.  While combing the internet as usual, I came across an article on Yahoo compiled by a Yahoo Education Staff about a forecast which looks bright for 7 hot careers and I have decided to brief you about these careers which have been forecasted to be the top jobs for 2010.

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Valentine Gifts Idea: How To Give Out Callertunes

Have loads of friends and wondering what to give them as valentine gift without empting your bank account overnight? Then, you can try Callertunez gifts. Though this is a small gift but I believe it will really be appreciated than nothing. I, personally even prefer it to greetings cards.

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Free Antivirus Scan For Your PC On The Internet

If you have never worried about having your PC protected by an antivirus before, then you should now. It is required that you maintain your PC in a safe state, free of viruses, worms and other malware, and ensure that it is not part of a bot net. If you are not protected, you might lose a lot of vital data to hackers who can spy on stuffs you have on your PC via the use of viruses. Besides, your PC might start misbehaving to an extent you might want to hit it at the wall....lol. Scared and do not pray to experience a virus attack, then totally unplug your PC from the internet.

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Latest OPERA MINI 5.2 Free Browsing Trick: January,2010 UPDATE

Would like to browse free using the Opera mini 5.2? Sit back and relax as I help you to get this fixed. These tested free codes work for Opera mini browser 5.2, though I will not guarantee that they will work on your phone for different reasons. Just give it a try.

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How To Activate ETISALAT,GLO,MTN Callertunes

Want to Keep your callers entertained while they wait for you to answer the call? If Yes,that means you will have to activate or subscribe to callertunes with your service provider. Each phone company has their own way by which you can customize your ring back tune. So, sit back as I share with you, how to configure it with some phone networks in Nigeria.

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Most Popular Posts On Ogbongeblog.com In 2009

7-happy-new-year If you are reading this right now, it is obvious that you are among those who God destined worthy to witness 2010. Many thought about it, many dreamt to see it, many prepared for it but not all lived to see it. Now that you are in 2010, I am happy for you. I am using this opportunity to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR and to let you know that this new year is your year of endless possibilities.

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About Jide Ogunsanya : Nigerian Tech Blogger

Myself, Ferdy, David of Abujafacts and Adaora of EasyTaxi

Jide Ogunsanya at 2014 Nigeria Digital Marketing Summit
At 2014 Nigeria Digital Marketing Summit..

My name is Jide Ogunsanya; the brain behind www.ogbongeblog.comI am a young, passionate Nigerian Blogger and Digital marketer with so much passion for making things happen with the use of Technology. No doubt, I am one of the top Nigerian tech bloggers. 

I graduated as a microbiologist from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in Ogun state, Nigeria but enrolled in a 6 months weekend course in Java Programming at NIIT, Onitsha during my National Youth Service.  At NIIT, I was able to master some computer skills which have been so helpful to me till this very moment. 

Ogbongeblog is the space through which I share tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, digital marketing, money-making ideas. The topics I choose vary widely but revolve around my personal interests. Therefore,bloggers, web designers, Internet entrepreneurs, information marketers, freebies fans and people with general interests in social media do find my blog posts relevant and interesting.

I make money online from my blog in different ways. You can read how I make $622 (N97,000) in 15 Days From Google Adsense just for you to know that making money from blogging is real. You can find out other ways I make money online here

The blog won the "Best Science and Tech Blog" in 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards.

In 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards, the blog emerged as the "Best Tutorials Blog" (Judge's choice).

Nigerian Blog Awards

In 2013, the blog emerged as the winner of the "Best Online Media On Technology" in 2013 OYAA Awards.  The blog couldn't make the final nomination list of 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards because of what happened to the blog in October, 2013.

OYAA awards

The blog has thousands of subscribers as seen in the Feedburner counter on the post pages. You can check out the traffic stats at Alexa to confirm that it is truly one of the best Nigerian blogs. 

I started the blog in 2008 to share my knowledge online especially as regards to solving tech-related issues and also to make legal money online. The moment I started making money from the blog, I started sharing with my blog readers, how they can also make money from the internet especially via blogging.

By the end of my service year in 2009, I was proud of the blog to the extent that I was reluctant in applying for jobs. Then, I even decided that if jobs come my way, I will not settle for crazy job offers. smiles**

I've inspired alot of people to get involved in blogging and the success stories I receive from a lot of them keep encouraging me to do more with my blog.You can read one of the stories here.

My tech astuteness grabbed me Most Innovative Corper in Idemili North LG and the  ANAMBRA STATE MERIT AWARD  on completion of my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in the state, in 2009.

Below is the photo of me receiving the State award: 

In 2010, I started BloggersLab, a Facebook group for Bloggers to connect.  Right now, the group has thousands of members with some fellow bloggers as admins to ensure the group remains interactive. Some brands are currently active there to connect with Bloggers and the group keeps growing as time passes by.
As a group, we've also been able to organize events where members meet one on one and exchange ideas.

At BloggersLab, you can meet pro-Bloggers who are ready to share ideas with you. If you also need bloggers to help you advertise your products and services to your target audience, the group is a nice place to meet such bloggers. 

Many brands have leveraged on the popularity of my blog among Nigerian youths , to create more awareness for their brands. I've published series of tips and tutorials on how to use products and services of those brands which of course, attract traffic to my blog from the search engine, same traffic, I refer back to the sites of those brands.

When it comes to writing SEO friendly posts, I'm good at it. This is why despite the fact that I don't publish much posts monthly, the blog remains relevant and consistent since the day it was created. Besides that, I am so good in using social media networks especially Facebook, in marketing anything online. From Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Nairaland to Instagram, you will definitely see that I'm active there. Many CEOs have paid me to use my networks in creating buzz around their businesses and none has ever regret working with me because I always over-deliver :)

I also explore paid advertising in promoting my online products, businesses and services. Remarketing and search advertising are some of the skills I use in increasing sales and creating awareness for my online businesses. I've several tools I use in measuring performance of my online campaigns. I have custom Google analytics dashboards I created to track series of metrics. Honestly, I'm a brilliant digital marketer..eh eh.

Outside working hours, I train people and welcome private training especially for executives. I am also a freelance consultant whom you can easily consult for anything related to Internet technologies and digital marketing. Besides blogging, I specialize in Business development, digital marketing and Website Management for online businesses. Though, a busy guy, you can still schedule one-on-one appointments with me provided you are not far from me.

I work in close partnership with leading Nigeria Internet professionals, graphic designers, programmers, copywriters and online business experts. With my network of professionals, I can design and develop customized Internet solutions to optimize your online potential, helping you gain new clients while enhancing website/blog monetization and conversion optimization to grow successfully.

I  own  www.nairaforsms.com , a bulk sms website where individuals, businesses, organizations send bulk, personalised sms to their customers, fans, followers and loved ones.

I am also the founder of mobilitaria.com;  a mobile technology blog in Nigeria.

You can download my free ebook on how to create and monetize a free blog here.


I render loads of services, SOME of which are highlighted below:

# Facebook Advertising
# Advertising on Google display networks (search, direct placement, remarketing)
# Blog/Website Design
# SEO Optimization (Making your site/blog rank well in Google and other search engines)
# Social Media Integration/Marketing (Facebook, Twitter)
# Tech Consulting
# Seminar training

FIND ME and connect with me

#Google plus
#Google Baraza

Looking for a service that's not listed? Contact me with your request.


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How To Add Twitter Badge To Myspace

Love to Add Twitter badge to your Myspace profile ? Then, gently follow the steps highlighted below.

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Hire Jide Ogunsanya

Love what you have read about me or you just believe in my expertise and would like me to get some stuffs done for you, then do not hesitate to contact me.

If you would like to recommend me to a company, business or organization and in need of my Resume, I can easily make it available for you. If your recommendation works, there will surely be something in it for you. I am open to negotiations, hence we can negotiate on this.

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Show Related Posts With Thumbnails Under Each Blogger Post

If you really want to increase the page views of your blog, then you must be showing related posts under each post on your blog. Most blogging platforms now feature a number of third-party widgets/plugins that can display a list of related stories on your blog. Typically, these widgets/plugins will look at how a blog post was labeled/tagged and then display a short list of similar posts.

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