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How To Make Money: 11 Secret Tips and Warnings

Posted on 7/25/2010


There are uncountable ways of making money online and offline. While some  people own businesses or are employees, some people got rich somehow and receive money from property they own or through sports activities. Today, I am sharing with you some tips on how to make money.


APN Of Etisalat, Glo, MTN , Zain

Posted on 7/20/2010


If you do configure your phone or modem with internet settings of different networks, then the word "APN" should not be new to you. You will always need the Access Point Name of the network you want to use to surf the internet whenever you want to configure your phone, modem or even if you want to create prov files.


15+ Blogger Features You Must Know

Posted on 7/19/2010


 If you a newbie blogger or you don't really know what blogging is all about, then, I guess you will like to know the features of the Free Blogger Blogs. Blogging for money with Adsense, photo/video sharing, etc are just some of the things you can do with Blogger Blogs.


MTN Funlink: Tariffs, Benefits, How To Migrate

Posted on

Wondering what the MTN Funlink is all about ? Well,  Funlink plan is a collection benefits that MTN has designed specially to enrich the lives of the;


How To Install Statcounter In Blogger Blogs To Track Blog Traffic

Posted on

If you would like to track the number of people that visit your blog everyday, would like to know  the websites they usually come from, want to know the most popular pages on your blog, would like to know the KEYWORDS been searched for in the search engines that lead them to your blog amongst other traffic statistics, then you must install a statcounter on your blog.


Palringo: Software for Facebook Chat,Yahoo Chat,MSN chat etc

Posted on

Would you like to have a software similar to Yahoo Messenger, with which you can chat with you facebook friends with ease; then I recommend PALRINGO for you. It is a FREE software.


Big Brother Africa 2010: HouseMates/Website

Posted on

Finally, the Big Brother 5 All Stars launches in style. Interested in the list of the Housemates and also the link to the BBA website where you can be following what is going on in the house, just keep reading..


India Web Proxy: Free Download & How To Use

Posted on

There are some instances when you will not be able to access some websites all just because your IP has been banned or you have been restricted by firewall. With "India WEB Proxy" you can easily overcome such restrictions.


How To Advertise on Nairaland

Posted on 7/18/2010


There is no doubt that Nairaland is the biggest Nigerian website online as at the time of writing this article, hence if you are looking for a place where you can easily market your product or services to Nigerians, then, Nairaland is a site to try.


Google Adsense and Google Adwords Explained

Posted on 7/09/2010


If "What is Google Adsense?,what is Google Adwords?" are questions that you are yet to find answers to, then this article is for you. Almost everyone online has heard about the Google Adsense and Google Adwords programs. However, not everyone is clear on what they are, hence the need for an article like this.


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