How To Verify PAYPAL In Nigeria With Liberty Reserve

It is no more news that as at the time of writing this post, PAYPAL doesn't allow Nigerians to to own and operate PayPal accounts. Despite Nigeria been banned, many people have found ways of opening and verifying PayPal account in Nigeria. Today, I want to share with you a trick of verifying your PayPal in Nigeria using Liberty Reserve which I stumbled on at eHow Naija. Just sit back and relax....

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How To Retrieve Email Addresses Of Feedburner Email Subscriptions

If you have been using the Feedburner Email Subscription services, you might be interested in retrieving the email addresses of your subscribers. This tutorial simply explains how to go about it.

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How To Create Pages In Blogger Blogs

Would you like to have Linked Pages on your blogger blog with Navigation tabs on your home page that will be pointing to these pages? If Yes, then I am using this opportunity to tell you that Blogger now makes it easy to create pages linked from your blog.

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How To Create Banner For Blogs/Websites Without Adobe Photoshop

If you want to create a banner either for advertisement or to use as your blog header image, you can easily generate it online without having to worry yourself on how to use Adobe Photoshop.

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How I Make €10 (N2,000+) From 1 Click via Google Adsense For Feeds

AdSense for feeds allows web publishers to earn by placing targeted Google ads in their feeds. AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works: by delivering ads that are relevant to your content and your readers.

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How To DeActivate Facebook Account

If you want to deactivate your facebook account, for reasons best known to you, you can easily get it done by following some few steps.

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waecdirect.org : Check 2010 Nov/Dec WASSCE Result

The 2010 Nov/Dec WASSCE exam results have been released officially by the West African Examination Council.

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Opera Mini 4.2 / 5.0 Simulators; Test Blogs/Websites In Opera Mini Browsers

If you own a blog or a website, with the Opera Mini Simulators, you can easily check how your blog or website displays on Opera Mini browsers via your PC. This is really essential if a meaningful percentage of your blog/ website visitors make use of Opera Mini browser to access your blog or website.

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How To Chat With Facebook Friends Using Yahoo Messenger

Before now, I do use Palringo to chat with my Facebook friends but while at the Bloggers Lab yesterday, I saw a blog post of a fellow blogger, Mr Soji of "Make Money Online Nigeria" who in his post, I discovered the fact that you can now chat with Facebook friends using Yahoo Messenger.

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4 Free SMS Websites: Send FREE SMS Online

I n need of websites where you can send FREE SMS to your loved ones? Today, am sharing with you some sites you can try.

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Xmas Promo: Get FREE Domain name, Cheap WebHosting, Free EBooks

In the same mode of celebration TheExpertHost (one of the leading Webhosting company in Nigeria) has decided to join all web users in the celebration of Xmas and the New Year.

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Make Money For CHRISTMAS As A BulkSMS Consultant With No Capital

Would you like to make some more money during the Christmas season? If Yes, sit back and relax. There are many short time businesses you can engage in during festive season but right now, I want to explain briefly how you can make more money as a bulkSMS consultant.

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How To Add "READ MORE" To FEEDS of Blogger Blogs (Free Traffic Trick)

Feeds are a great way to reach a broader audience and keep your loyal readers up-to-date. In fact,  more than a quarter of the traffic to my blog do come from feed readers who have subscribed to my blog either via email or using feed reading applications like GoogleReader etc.

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AUL GPRS To 3G Converter: Free Download/ How To Use

While combing the Internet as usual, I stumbled upon a phone application for SYMBIAN Nokia phones which, I learned is capable of boosting your connection speed to 3G instead of the normal GPRS. It will also enable you to make video calls.

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UEFA Champions League Draw : Second Round Fixtures (2010/2011)

The 2010/2011 UEFA Champions League second round stage is now set. The draw proposes some interesting match-ups and intriguing possibilities. The knockout phase starts in February.Below is the analysis of the pairings.

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List Of Nokia Symbian Phones

If you have been wondering whether your Nokia Phone is a Symbian phone or not, worry no more as I have compiled for you, a list of Nokia Symbian Phones.

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Google Adsense: Trick For Fast Approval

Lately, Google has not been approving many Google Adsense registrations to the extent that some people have started spreading the rumor that Google won't accept any blog who does not has a dot com address. Well, IT IS A BIG LIE.  In this post, I will share with you tips that will enable Google to approve your Adsense registration asap (as soon as possible).

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How To Add Facebook Comment Form To Blogger Blogs (Template Designer layouts inclusive)

UPDATE: Please, read: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2011/04/new-facebook-comment-form-for.html for the tutorial on the latest trick to add the improved Facebook comment form to your blogger blog.

The Facebook comment box is one of the most useful tool at my blog, www.ogbongeblog.com because it has been increasing my conversations with visitors to my blog. More so, it has been contributing massively to my daily traffic according to my blog traffic analysis. So here in this post I will teach you how to add/integrate the Facebook comment box to blogger in simple steps.

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MUST DO Before Changing Your Blogger Template

UPDATE: If you are using the new Blogger dashboard, read : "How to Back up your template and widgets here".

If you blog via Blogger , it is always advisable that you Back Up your template before making any changes to "EDIT HTML" under the template tab. More so, you should always Back Up your blog widgets before changing your Blogger template.

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NetworkedBlogs: Get Traffic To Your Blog

A blog without traffic is just like a dead blog. So, if you do not want to kill your blog, you just have to keep driving traffic to it. The more the traffic to your blog, the more your blog monetizations will work for you. Today, I am sharing with you, a free way of driving traffic to your blog via NetworkedBlogs.

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How To Change To The New Facebook Profile Design

Facebook.com has unveiled a new design for the Facebook profile page to make it easier for Facebook users to find information of friends they really care about in a visually interesting way.

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Xmas Gifts idea : How To Give Callertunez as Christmas Gift

Have loads of friends and wondering what to give them as xmas gift without emptying your bank account overnight? Then, you can try Callertunez gifts. Though this is a small gift but I believe it will really be appreciated than nothing. I, personally even prefer it to greetings cards.

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Tips On How To Increase Adsense Earnings

While reading through my feeds list via my feed-reader, I stumbled across a post by Google on how to improve your Adsense implementation. If you can implement the suggestions, then, I am sure you will notice increase in your Adsense earnings in the long run. The Google optimization tips are highlighted below.

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Buy Liberty Reserve in Nigeria: Websites That Exchange Naira For LR In Nigeria

Sometimes back, I shared with you how you can easily fund your Liberty Reserve account in Nigeria using FastEcash, but due to the temporay suspension of the LR service by FastEcash (as at the time of publishing this post), I decided to share with you alternative websites where you can buy Liberty Reserve Online in Nigeria.

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DSTVMobile Compatible Phones: Watch DSTV On Phones

A cellphone is not just a cellphone anymore – it’s so much more. This is not news to most of us who use our cellphones to surf the internet, download music and generally keep on top of their game. But now convergent technologies are taking things one step further to integrate two of the most successful consumer products in history: the cellphone and television.

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Airtel Nigeria Internet Settings and WAP settings : Airtel APN etc

It is no more news that Airtel has taken over Zain Nigeria, hence to get connected to the Internet via Airtel Nigeria, you will have to use the Airtel Nigeria Mobile Internet Settings.

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How To Set Up Adsense For Domains : The Latest and Simplest Method

With Google Adsense for domain, you can start making money even while sleeping by just displaying Google ads on your domain. In one of my previous posts, I shared how to set up Adsense for domain using a free domain name of .co.cc  As at the time of publishing this post, Google no longer supports the use of free domain name, hence the reason why I will be sharing with you today, how to set up Adsense for domain using a paid domain name.

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2011 Facebook Hacker Cup: Info and How To Register

Facebook has announced its first Hacker Cup. The 2011 Facebook Hacker Cup is the first annual Facebook programming contest where hackers compete against each other for fame, fortune, glory and a shot at the coveted Hacker Cup.

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How To Use VTN With Your Mobile Phone

Virtual Terminal Network (VTN) is a revolutionary hybrid Web/Mobile payment platform designed solely to aid the growth of ecommerce in Africa and first deployment is in Nigeria. VTN allows you to pay for goods and services within Nigeria from the comfort of your own home using your GSM phone or online.

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5 Quick Ways To Make Money In Nigeria Without Adsense/Paypal

Money making is always a concern for anyone who wants to live a normal life without having any limitations. Ideas for money making in Nigeria can come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and here, I’d like to illustrate just 5 ideas. There are of course more than 5, but bare with me. These ideas can make you money quickly but WILL NOT GET YOU RICH OVERNIGHT. You may also suggest your money making ideas as well on the comment form below.

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Nokia C3: Price In Nigeria and Features

MTN Nigeria recently advertised Nokia C3 that has been bundled with MTN services. As a result of this a lot of people have been curious about the features of the phone as well as the price of the Nokia C3 in Nigeria.

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Free Adsense For Domain Set Up Using co.cc : Pictorial Guide

With Google Adsense for Domains, you can start making money online in Nigeria, even while sleeping; don't think it will get you rich overnight though. In this post, I am sharing with you, a pictorial guide which will teach you how to set up Adsense For Domains using a FREE DOMAIN name powered by co.cc

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