How to remove Navigation Bar of Blogspot Blogs : Latest trick

Blogger's default templates come with a default navigation bar. Hence, If you are using a default blogger template,then you will see on your blog, a navigation bar like the one in the picture below.This navigation bar can be removed using some simple CSS techniques.

Here are the steps to remove the Blogger Navigation bar

1.Login to your blogger account

2.From your Dashboard click on Design

3.Now choose Edit Html

4.You will see your template code there.

5.In that template code, use "CTRL+F" to find

/* Variable definitions

Then, right on top of it, copy and paste the code below:

#navbar-iframe {

6. SaveTemplate.

7.After saving the template take a look at your blog and your blogger navigation bar must have disappeared.

I hope this helps...

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for this information. Will try it when i get on my pc at home.
Fabunmi Kayode said…
How will you sign in to your dash board when you remove the bar?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Kayode...u can always log in to your blog by going to