MTN Magic Number: How To Register, Cost etc

The only thing that makes sense to me right now with regards to the new MTN Nigeria charging plans is the "Magic number".

So, What is MTN Magic Number?

MTN Magic Number allows you register one MTN number as your Magic Number. You can then make FREE calls to your Magic Number all day, every day for 30 days. Your Magic Number can also make FREE calls to you all day, every day for 30 days.
  • With MTN Magic Number, you will be able to register that special person you always want to speak with and enjoy uninterrupted FREE calls at any time of the day for one month.
  • Also, the person you register will also enjoy the same uninterrupted FREE calls anytime she/he calls your number during the one month validity period.
  • So If you have that special person (Friend, family member, Boss at work etc) you would like to talk to for FREE at any point in time, then My Magic Number is for you!
The Magic Number costs N250 for 30 days and it is the "inviter" that only pays for it and no credit will be deducted from the account of the "invitee".

MTN magic number

How do I register my MTN Magic Number?
To register an MTN Magic number, you must invite the person you want as your magic number by dialling *563*MSISDNB# where MSISDN is the number of the person that you want to be your magic number e.g. *563*0803 8901234#.

If your “invitee” decides to accept your invite, he/she will dial *563*1*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number

NGN250 will then be deducted from your MTN TalkOn or PayGo account as soon as your “invitee” accepts your invite.

NOTE: You cannot change your magic number within those 30 days i.e. your MTN Magic Number will be the same for 30 days.

If your “invitee” decides to reject your invite, he/she will dial *563*2*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number

How do I view my MTN Magic Number?
You can view your MTN Magic Number by dialing *563#.

That's all.