Nokia Ovi Suite Download: Connect Your Phone To PC/Laptop

If you are using one of the the latest Nokia phones, you can only connect your phone to a PC via  Nokia Ovi Suite as they are not supported by Nokia PC Suite. Nokia PC Suite will eventually be replaced by the newer, more user-friendly Nokia Ovi Suite application for both Windows and Mac.

With Nokia Ovi Suite, you can connect your computer, your phone, and the online world of Keeping important information up to date on your phone, your computer, and on is simple, and you can share your photos and videos, transfer music, and download free street maps to your phone with ease. 

Note: Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite can be installed on the same computer, but you should not use them simultaneously.

How do I install Nokia Ovi Suite from the web?
First download the installation file for Nokia Ovi Suite from the Compatibility & Download section on the Nokia Ovi Suite website. After the download has finished, double-click the installation file and follow the instructions.

How can I connect my Nokia phone to my computer?
To find information on how to connect your phone to your computer, go to and click Nokia Ovi Suite link. Instructions are under the "How to" section. 

To connect your phone to your PC, you will either need a USB cable or you use bluetooth connection if the PC and phone have Bluetooth.


  1. Anonymous1/07/2011

    I have been having trouble using my phone with PC Suite without knowing I will rather have to get the Ovi Suite.. thanks for this information.


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