Stopwatch: Measure a site/blog's loading time

Would you like to know how long it takes for your blog or website to load?

If Yes, STOPWATCH will measure the time for you. It will help you identify which items are taking the longest to load. 

How DO I Use StopWatch?

Just go to, enter your site/blog's URL into the text box and click "Start StopWatch". Then, watch the top of the window.

Stopwatch will then open your blog in a frame and will record the time it takes for everything on your blog to load, including images, videos, widgets etc. 

Just take note of the items that take the longest to load and modify them appropriately.

You have to be aware of the fact that Stopwatch can only measure websites that can be displayed in a frame. Hence, if yours cannot be measured, just know its is an issue with your site and not a stopwatch bug.

Note: The most important content of your blog that catches readers attention should load the quickest.

I hope this helps.... feel free to share your blog/website loading time via the comment form below after you might have tested your site.

For tips on how to make your blog load faster, go to:



  1. I think this is depend on how faster is your internet. mine took 2mins 5 sec to load.

  2. I think this depend on your internet speed. Nice one

  3. That is useful to know, as a blog with a lot of images or applications to load can take time to open, which can mean people don't bother waiting for it. A useful tool.

  4. A very useful tool. Mine took 40.57 seconds to load which is okay. Loading time of websites or blogs is now one of the criteria Google Search uses to determine which site comes up first. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, it is one of the criteria now been used by Google. we just have to keep making our blogs load faster

  6. 10.653 seconds :)


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