Picture of phone with 4 SIM cards slots

While at a dealers shop today, I saw one of the sales guy showing a customer, a chinese phone that has 4 slots for SIM cards. You can easily insert your MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel SIM cards in the phone without having to be inserting and removing SIMs everytime. Below is what the phone looks like:

You can click on the picture to view the original size.

As at the time of posting this, I was told the phone costs N8, 500.

These chinese companies are just something else...only God knows the kind of phone they will release soon.

Kindly use the comment form to let me know what you think about this phone...


  1. This is quite ridiculous... am very sure this phone will sell very well in 9ja bcos its highly needed.

  2. its 9ice anyway......

  3. I need the phone
    How do i get it?


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