1kjobsonline: Fiverr alternative for Nigerians ( Get N1000 for doing anything)

You can now start making money online by just doing anything for anyone for just N1, 000. This system am about to share with you works like fiverr.com, hence a fiverr.com alternative for Nigerians.

At fiverr.com, people can share things they’re willing to do for just $5. Unfortunately, fiverr.com adopted Paypal as its mode of payment, hence impossible for majority of Nigerians to use their system. Paypal doesn't accept Nigerians and if you use some tricks to open a Paypal account in Nigeria and Paypal detects it, any money you have in it will be frozen.

At 1kjobsonline, you can share talents, skills and knowledge and make money by doing so....Simply post what you can offer for 1, 000 and people all over Nigeria will take a look. It is all about making an extra income doing whatever you can do and also buying products/services at incredibly low prices.

There are several people in Nigeria that needs your service. For example, you can offer to create logos, market a product to your facebook friends etc  for just N1000.. just think and grow rich.

Once you complete your registration, use the search box to search for "ogbongeblog"  which is my profile id.

I hope this info helps....

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Tosin said…
Nice concept. Have been waiting for something like this or one that will accept Liberty Reserve as means of payment. Will check it out now.
Mohano said…
Good stuff, keep it up. visit us at www.mohanolaptoprepairs.com
bornrichers said…
thanks,though have heard abt it b4 includn the aff.
Alex said…
Great post:)

You can find other similar Fiverr here: http://fiverralternative.blogspot.com
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Alex..your blog is still lacing content. I hope you will add more content to it soon.

@Mohano...love the simplicity of your site.
Neeraj Rawat said…
Hey Jide,

It seems like a clone of fiverr something like http://www.fourerr.com/

Do you have any post on your site to do read more function on blogspot
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Neeraj... Yes, its is a clone of fiverr. I have a tutorial on READ MORR here: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2010/05/how-to-add-read-more-option-to-your.html
Fiverr take 1$ from 5$.i think fiverr is best rather than other.
babajide said…
Thanks for this info Jide.
Anonymous said…
A new one... Payment is by INTERSWITCH!GTBANK PAY ONLINE