How to block Profile Counter Application on Facebook ( "Profile Creeps"/"Profile Peekers")

Is your Facebook wall been flooded with notifications that you have been tagged in a friend's album, telling you to click on a link so as to see who checks your facebook profile? Well, worry no more as am going to tell you how to put a stop to the mess.

The "Profile Counter" application ( "Profile Creeps"/"Profile peekers") which was not developed by Facebook.com , has been causing nuisance on my wall lately and am glad that I have finally blocked it as you can see in the picture below.

To view the list of apps you have blocked, login to Facebook via a computer, go to "Account", "Privacy Settings", scroll down and click on "Block Lists".

Below is what you will see on your wall when you are tagged by a friend using the application.

So, How Do I block it?

Login to www.facebook.com via a computer
Go to http://www.facebook.com/profilecounter
Scroll down and you should see the "Block App" link on the left. Click on it.

That's all.

You can now enjoy facebooking without having to worry about the "Profile Counter" shits...

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  1. Anonymous4/10/2011

    thanks so much for this tip. The app has really been disturbing my wall too. Will block it once i get on pc tomorrow. thx


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