10 Easy Ways To Make Money and Work at Home in Nigeria ( Part 1)

There are various ways you can be making money while working at home. Work at home, money-making ideas are practically endless.  However, finding a profitable idea which is tailored to an individual is what proves difficult. I have therefore decided to share with you 10 different ways you can make money while working at home.  I am sure you'll make money as long as you follow what I asked you to do.

With just an internet-ready mobile phone, you should be able to start making money with some of the ideas listed below. There are cheap laptops in the market these days, you can try and get one if you don’t like desktop computers.

1. Start Your Own Online Service

Whether it be for blog monetization, SEO, web hosting, web designing, or whatever, starting your own online service can be profitable, and if you get enough good reviews, it can be a constant source of income and become sort of like a work at home job. Sites like Fiverr.com and 1KjobsOnline are examples of where you can even start making some money by offering some online services.

2. Become a BulkSMS Reseller or BulkSMS ConSultant

BulkSMS business is one of the most popular online business in Nigeria today. You can start making money from the business as a consultant or as a reseller. You can easily get your own BulkSMS site and be managing it with just your phone. When am not with my pc, I use my phone to credit www.ogbongeblog.com users who pay for sms units.

3. Computer Tutor/ One on One Training
You can be making money teaching others, different computer skills on a one on one basis. Even if you have just one computer, you can train lets say 2 people at a time and be making money which you can use to expand in the long run. You can start by targeting secondary school leavers who always love to learn basic computer skills before been admitted to the universities. You can be training executives on weekends too and be making your money.

4. Start a Downloading/Phone repair + configuration business/Modem Unlocking
You can start making money helping phone users to configure their phones, blackberry devices etc for internet browsing. Some guys even do make money from helping some people to configure free browsing. More so, you can be making money downloading musics, videos, ringtones to their phones. If you can learn how to repair phones, you will also be making money repairing/flashing phones. In addition, you can be making money unlocking modems. Once you can make people in your locality to be aware that you are rendering such services, you will surely be making your money.

5. Professional Programmer
If you are a person blessed with coding/programming skills, you can start making money simply by setting up sites for clients or installing scripts on their sites. You can also be making money by simply developing softwares for small businesses, companies etc with your computer, all from the comfort of your room. There are some guys who even use just their phones to mold Opera Mini softwares (for free browsing) and sell them in return for money. 

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I hope you can grab some ideas from this info....

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Moses said…
Great ideas! I am already making some money providing computer training to my neighbours, selling giggs, unlocking modems and looking ahead to set up my bulksms site soon. Will contact you when ready sir. thanks for this post
Dansoja305 said…
Thank u 4 bringing this idea of 10 way to work at hom i appreciate it let me know when it is ready and how to start it ok? Thank u.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
@Moses...Ok. Hoping to hear from you.
@Dansoja..Ok. I will. Thanks for the comment
NnadiDonatus said…
Am already on it.....http://nnadidonatus.blogspot.com
learnithereblog said…
good job jide, blogging has already made me some pretty dime even right in my place of work
benedict power said…
so how can i get started on this site

benedict power said…
so how can some start all this together because am in need of it