How to View the List of Facebook Pages you have LIKED

For over a week now, I have not been able to "LIKE" any Facebook page because Facebook keeps telling me I have reached the maximum 5000 connections allowed for "friends+Pages" whenever I try to like a facebook page.

As a result of this restriction, I must first unfriend some friends or unlike some Pages I have liked before I will be able to like more Facebook Pages. Hence, a need for a list of pages I have liked, so I can easily Unlike some. I found a simple way of viewing the list and decided to share with you.

So, How Do I view the list of Facebook Pages I have liked?

1. Login to  ( .. via a Computer)
2. Go to or
3. Click on "MY PAGES" as seen in the picture below.

4. You will see the LIST of facebook Pages you have liked. You can then easily unlike some...

That's all.

I hope this helps.... Kindly use the Share/ Like buttons to share this tip with your friends.

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  1. Marcus5/23/2011

    Great!... This will surely be useful for me too by the time i start seeing such restrictions. thx


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