Dilandau: Download free mp3; Search engine for music downloads

If you are looking for a very fast search engine for music files ( mp3), then Dilandau is a must-try.The site shows results immediately, gives the direct links of songs and the best thing I love about it is that you can listen to any song before you download it.

Dilandau.eu  makes mp3 searching extremely fast and easy.

To search for your favourite song, all you have to do is to put in the song’s name (it would be better if you include the artist’s name also for accurate results) and hit the "Search for Music" button. After clicking the button, a new page will open showing all the “direct links” of the song you searched for. You can then "right click" on the download link and choose the "save as" option to download the song for FREE:)

On the result page, you might even find the Youtube Video of the song. Interesting, right? Well, the site is worth sharing to all music lovers. Hence, feel free to share this post with your friends using the like, send and share buttons on this page.

Start downloading your musics now at : www.dilandau.eu

I hope this info helps...

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  1. Anonymous6/01/2011

    Yes, Dilandau is a great site for mp3 downloads. It is my favourite with beemp3.com

  2. Anonymous9/17/2011

    it's not bad but I like mp3hamster.com better

  3. Thanks for yout tool!


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