How to fix Glo modems not opening web pages on windows 7

Can't browse the internet with your Glo Modem on windows 7 ? Well, worry no more because I will show you how to fix the problem asap. Globacom HSI Modem works perfectly with Windows 7 but you will need to select a particular option in your modem settings, if not, the modem will connect but you will not be able to open any web page.

So, what should I do?

Launch your Globacom modem's dashboard

Click on "Tools", select "Options" and while on the "General" tab, you should see a new window as seen in the picture below:

Under "Connection type", just choose : RAS(modem) instead of the NDIS option.

Click OK.

Connect, Launch your browser and it should be opening your web pages now.

I hope it helps...

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Kenny said…
Worked. Thanks bro
Stephen Jack said…
Don't you think that Vista and 7 are the very complex operating systems as compare to XP. I have used windows 7 and vista but I felt really uncomfortable they are very fancy but at the same time little bit complex not simple and not as user friendly as XP
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, XP is the most friendly but I think windows 7 is good too. I use to dislike Vista and thought Windows & will also be like that but since have been using windows 7, I have been loving it and not willing to go back to XP anymore.