How to get Free Google Adsense Account Approved within 24 hours

UPDATE: This trick no longer works. 

Recently, many new Google Adsense applicants are not finding it so easy to get their Google Adsense application approved. Google do reply them with series of excuses ranging from "page-type not supported", "Under construction", "content not supported" etc This kinda frustrates some newbies, hence they easily give up with Google Adsense. Well, today, I am sharing with you an easy way to open a fresh Google adsense account and get it approved as early as possible for FREE. So, lets get started...

First of all, you need a NEW GMAIL account which you have not used to apply for Google Adsense. You can create a new account @ http://www.gmail.com/

After creating a GMAIL account,visit  www.flixya.com and create a new account at Flixya (Flixya is powered by Google Adsense). Remember, You must provide the GMAIL email address you created in the above step.

Check your email (of course, the GMAIL address you just used) and you will see a verification link. Click on it and it will take you back to flixya website where you will now have to complete your registration.

Complete the registration and then you can start posting photos, videos or can start writing a blog on flixya.

After you might have uploaded at least 10 pictures, videos, or blog postings or a combination, then you can click on the MONETIZE tab in your account profile to apply for Adsense. If you do not meet up with this requirement, you will not be able to apply for Adsense at the site.  Below is a snapshot from my account:

You can easily get pictures from the "images" page at Google.com   Download, then upload them to your flixya profile.  Then, go ahead to apply for adsense via the MONETIZE tab as indicated in the picture above.

Once you get your adsense account approved, you will be able to use the same adsense account for your blogger blog as well. Just go to the MONETIZE tab in your blogger account and chose "I already have adsense account" and provide the email address you used above.

That's all

You can see me at flixya here: http://www.flixya.com/user/ogbongeblog

I hope this helps

Questions?? please feel free to comment

Check: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/search/label/adsense%20tips for more Adsense tutorial and tricks.

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In my future posts, I will share more similar sites where you can get your adsense application approved overnight. I will also be sharing with you, more Adsense tricks and solutions to most adsense application disapproval.

So, for you not to miss those kindly go to http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=SecretInfos-Ogbongeblog and enter your email. Once entered, you will have to check your email for a confirmation email containing a confirmation link. Once you VERIFY your email by clicking on the confirmation link in the message, YOU WILL NEVER MISS MY FUTURE ARTICLES AND FREEBIES AGAIN.

If the links are not clickable, you are probably not reading this from OGBONGEBLOG.COM. So head over to WWW.OGBONGEBLOG.COM to read the original post and more....

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  1. Steven6/05/2011

    I have been waiting for you to post this since you alerted us on your facebook profile that you will publish it soon. I am creating my flixya account now and hope it works for me. thanks for sharing this mr Jide. One love

  2. Creating one and if chanced, I should come to give my testimony big bro.

  3. Hi how can i know my facecook http address, dat some1 can click 2 get 2 my facebook page

  4. @Oskaay.. Ok bro. Many bloggers already sharing their testimonies at the BloggersLAB.

    @Ohbrace... once you have more than 25 fans (Likes), you can get a simple link(username) for your page at www.facebook.com/username

  5. Thanks for this wonderful info. i Have just tried it with blog and its take time. hope to try this today.

  6. patrickonaih7/05/2011

    Bro I've just finished summiting 10 blog post at flixya, i've just create google adsence account.everything went successfully...after the registration google said it may take a couple of weaks to review my account....hope it'll be 24 hours or so

  7. Just wait for them to review it.. Can't give you a specific time with regards to that.

  8. i apply for adsense using flixya account http://www.flixya.com/user/adsmb but they not approved it

  9. what is in the message you received from Google?

  10. Good day bro bros i first applied for Google absence but they turned me down so i folloewd your flixya procedur and after the 10nt post the monitize page came out but wen i input my email (osakwe10@gmail.com)
    I got this error
    "The specified email address is already in use" bros what can i do

  11. i guess you didnt use a new gmail address.

  12. Thank you bro for your interesting info.

  13. my dear plz creat my new account
    my nam is muhammad ameer

    cont- alibaloch009@gmail.com

  14. Oga Jide, bravo. Some bloggers said that apply by fixya or what ever means without the direct application will not last? Is it so?

    Pls, response 2 this question by email.

    Thank u.


    1. I can't really say much about that. If you get your account from flixya and your blog abides by the adsense TOS, there shouldn't be any problem but Google knows best,

  15. A very informatic post, but it sad that " Flixya is no more working" :(

  16. there are no monitize button here.... please help me out....

  17. tank you for share > working now ?

  18. Jide i cant access dat flixya.com again its alwas brings out error. is there any other means

  19. hello jide. flixya.com is no longer opening. and docstoc.com is redirecting to godadday. any other options?


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