Print web pages WITHOUT Images & white spaces,Convert to pdf FREE : PrintFriendly

While combing the net today, I came across a free web app that enables you to print any web page easily with you even having the option of removing images from the output and also allowing you to turn the web page to pdf.

You might have noticed that when you print a web page atimes, it might turn out to be like 4 pages out of which only 2 pages contain the content you really need while the remaining pages might just be displaying banners, white spaces etc. With the help of PrintFriendly, you will be able to put a stop to this shit.

Hence, the next time you need to print something out from the web, stop by at PrintFriendly first. It distills nearly any web page down to a clean, ad-free document suitable for paper. More so, you can generate lovely PDFs that retain links and other formatting.

I love this web app so much because it saves paper, which in turn saves money. I am sure you will love it too.

Click here to go to PrintFRIENDLY Now!

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Jide Ogunsanya
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  1. This is really powerful. I just bookmarked the site now. Thanks for posting this Jide

  2. Great it will not only save money but will also help to get rid from the stuff which we don't because through this app we can easily extract the valuable information from the crap.


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